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f one 2013
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Catalogue excerpts


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BANDIT 6 Charles TIGER / Micka FERNANDEZ Fuerteventura - Canary Islands

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The Delta C Shape design, the revolutionary patent owned by F-ONE, is the base of the Bandits development. With 5 best-seller editions, the decision to continue with the Delta shape is an obvious one, and is known to be a great long-term option. This shape guarantees an easy relaunch with the auto-relaunch feature and offers great performance in all kiteboarding disciplines. In conjunction with the EVO bridal system, which allows a 5th line safety system but without any of the inconveniences, the design is a definite winner. Compared to other kite shapes with great depower, the Bandit’s bar dumps...

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INNOVATION What is our goal? What should we improve? These are the first questions that we usually ask ourselves when working on the R&D of a new kite. It normally doesn’t take us much time to get feedback from our riders and customers, but with the Bandit 5, the comments were getting rarer and rarer since its design is already near perfect and it has impressive flying qualities in every aspect. This is great, but is also means that only a few hints of solutions were brought to us. But since we have such a strong desire to improve our product, we did our own analysis of what the improvements should...

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technologies Flat sewing Stronger assembly of the panels: they are now glued and sewn together to make the canopy more rip resistant. Deflate valve of the center strut Makes packing the kite easier, since it was sometimes hard to empty all air with the one pump system when packing up. one pump collar valve A new batten closing system enables to reduce its diameter in order to decrease the drag. The B6 struts are designed with a vertical cut in order to optimize the strength/diameter ratio. - Easier to remove and put back. - Practical during bladder replacement. Profile leading edge end tips Added...

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COLORS COMBO Black / Blue White / Green White / Blue White / Blue Size Wind Range 12

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ACCESSORy DePower system The MONOLITH bar setup is compatible with the Bandits 4, 5 & 6. The F-ONE depower system is ultra intuitive, resulting in great efficiency and reliability. We are using a rope cleat from Clamcleat®, the reference in the world of sailing. The new 2013 F-One bar is made with the brand new MONOLITH technology, the latest fine-tuned jewel from the F-ONE R &D team. COMFORT For increased safety and comfort, the bar ends are molded with a soft material. The anti-sliding thermoformed grip also has a double EVA layer on top of the bar. ANTI-CORROSION CNC CARVED The heart of the...

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TWIN TIPS PRESENTATION Our range of 2013 Twin Tips is composed of 8 models, allowing each rider to find the perfect match for its riding ability. Faithfull in its constant research for improvements, a F-ONE trademark, we have brought many major innovations on all our models to always offer more performance to our boards for their dedicated programs. Small technical changes, often invisible from the outside, transcends the performance of our 2013 range. TECHNOLOGIES Twist Control The Twist Control, or Twist Carbon Control on certain models, allows to manage the board’s twist and transversal reactivity....

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Strap size Probably the most comfortable combo Strap / Pad on the market. The pads are in general difficult to design because they must fit all types of feet. They must ensure the best connection with your board to have the best feel possible while riding, and absorb the impacts. With the straps, the pads must lock your feet in the ideal position. To obtain the highest quality pads, we have chosen an injected process that permits various forms and densities. A unique process that allow to generate all possible forms while picking the best EVA foam density. Because a pad, it’s those two essential...

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TRAX Charles TIGER Fuerteventura - Canary Islands

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By using different core thicknesses on its length, we have brought more flex to the tips. PROGRAm Freestyle The TRAX has always been the backbone of the F-ONE boards range. True laboratory for the development of our entire range, the TRAX 8 is once again at the forefront of innovation with a focus on what we do best, both in terms of design and technology. Its double concave V-shape which varies in its length and allows a very early planning and an excellent ratio up wind / speed. The ideal curve of its rocker makes it a highly versatile and high performance board. The TRAX 8 adapts to all conditions. When...

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TRAX LW Micka FERNANDEZ Fuerteventura - Canary Islands

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PROGRAm Light Wind Big Sister of the TRAX, designed for light wind, the TRAX LW has a unique shape that has not been modified to maintain all of its qualities, its general performance, and especially its formidable planning start. The modifications we made for 2013 are almost invisible and yet highly efficient. The efficiency of its shape is the result of a double concave with lateral steps which facilitate edging, acceleration, and smooth landing.The lateral steps brings stability and comfort, while the Twist Carbon Control optimizes the flex and the overall torsion of the board. The board is...

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Fuerteventura - Canary Islands

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PROGRAm Freeride The research and development team at F-ONE has decided to retain the shape of the TX 2012 because it perfectly combines performance, comfort and accessibility. Benefiting from technologies developed for the TRAX, it is intended for riders who want versatility with performance and accessibility. Its single concave bottom combined with side channels provides a quick early planing, directional stability and excellent ability to pass through choppy waters. The lateral V helps with edging and makes it more tolerant in passing the chop. The TX 6 is a playful freeride board. It provides...

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Céline RODENAS Fuerteventura - Canary Islands

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The ACID is the New School Freestyle board of our range. To meet the requirements of today’s freestyle, our engineers have altered the choice of materials: a new type of wood is used for its core to enhance the impact zones and better absorb shocks while maintaining an optimum weight. Combining the twist control to a double concave and V bottom gives the board all the qualities to be expected of a great freestyle board: flex, pop, control and strength. We have reduced the V to better control the speed. The ACID is at its best for low kite moves and is forgiving during landing, even on non-flat...

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