2018 KITE COLLECTION - 90 Pages

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TECHNOFORCE1" STREAMLINED LEADING EDGE END TIPS The leading edge tips benefit from a reduced diameter, they are streamlined to lower the drag and equipped with a strap to avoid bridle tangling. THREE POSITIONS BACK LINES TUNING Turning & bar pressure tuning. FRONT: more bar pressure, slower turning kite. BACK: lighter bar pressure, faster turning kite. REACTOR VALVE Our new fast inflation & deflation valve. BANDIT 11 & WTF!? V.1 model only. THREE POSITIONS FRONT LINES TUNING Power & slack tuning. HIGH: more slack / less power. LOW: more power / less slack. WTF!? V.1 model only. TRAILING...

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Aesthetics should always play a major role, we have therefore worked on harmonizing the colors and finishing materials in order to reinforce the final render of our combos. We’ve applied this same bright and vibrant color choice as a common characteristics to the 2018 BANDIT & WTF!? V.1 B NG STRAP - STRUT JUNCTION ■ L.E. CONSTRUCTIONS & TECHNOLOGIES SPANDEX ♦ KEVLAR*/ CONNECTORS AREf SILVER YARN ' KITE STITCMINOS

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We believe the BANDIT is the best selling model on the market thanks to its unique qualities and army of fans around the globe. Regardless of your riding style, the BANDIT will appeal to you. We are proud of this sue- cess; it's down to nothing other than pure hard work, time and effort. This year the BANDIT is the culmination of over 600 prototypes that we have tested and ridden over the last eleven years in all conditions and for

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O What's changed? A whole lot, that’s what, but don’t worry, we’ve still kept all the great BANDIT DNA! The BANDIT is still the best kite on the market across every discipline; it’s the choice of pro freesty-lers, big air junkies, strapless wave riders, freeride fanatics and many kite schools. The mass aopeal of the BANDIT is easy to see; it’s a fantastic kite with many >ears of evolution behind it. We put all our knowledge into this kite, creating the ultimate tool for kitesurfers to use, whatever your riding style! O This year we have worked tirelessly to improve the overall feeling...

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SIZE (m*) WIND RANGE (knts)

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The WTF!? is a brand new kite from F-ONE for 2018; it’s a no compromise freestyle machine designed for winners; it's even in the name: Win The Freestyle! Returning to a pure C-Shape design, was a very exciting process for us, we were able to listen to our top freestylers and work with them and our designer, Robert Graham, to create the ultimate kite. The goal was to build them the kite they wanted, not a toned down version for the masses but the perfect tool for our top riders to do their job.

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O Freestyle kites undergo unique situations as the riders load and release, going from full power as they edge to no power as they fly through the air, that 'slack" feeling is the Holy Grail of a good freestyle kite. The WTF!? has superior pop and excellent slack, while we have ensured the kite is strong enough to handle these intense demands, especially during high wind kite loops, we have also kept the weight of the kite down to ensure excellent handling. O Each size of the WTF!? has been individually designed to match the conditions they are aimed at. The larger sizes have been developed...

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SIZE (m*) WIND RANGE (knts)

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PRESENTATION Introduced in 2017, the BREEZE is a “satellite” kite which comes as a complement to the BANDIT. Designed as the perfect light wind kite, the BREEZE is also available this year in 17 m2 to build on its successful launch. The number of uses and disciplines offered by our sport is quite amazing and hydrofoiling has opened a wide array of new possibilities. The swift development of this new product under our feet requires the development of new kites to optimize the ride. C We have used all the know-how of our design department to offer a kite designed specifically for foiling and...

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SIZE (mO WIND RANGE (knts) FOIL / LIGHTWIND IN BRIEF One strut: ultimate light weight to fly in less than 10 kts Easier to get on the plane thanks to its power, lightweight & maneuverability Impressive range of use & surprising comfort in the high range • Super user friendly thanks to its stability • Efficient re-launch abilities, even in the light wind • Great maneuverability for intuitive transitions and a quicker learning process

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The FURTIVE is ideal for longdistance racing, speed riding and hang-time sessions. PRESENTATION Introduced in 2017, the FURTIVE is a “satellite” kite which comes as a complement to the BANDIT. Designed as a genuine performance kite and hangtime machine, the FURTIVE is available in many sizes from 5 m2 to 19 m2 to maximize your performances in all kinds of conditions. DESIGN The FURTIVE features a high aspect ratio for high performance and 5 struts to control the profile for the 6.4 to 10 m2. The larger sizes from 12 to 19 m2 come with only 3 struts in order to optimize the kite's...

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Hang-time: it launches you really high and keeps you up there for long thanks to its lift. Optimized upwind speed/angle compromise with an unbelievable traction towards the edge of the window Unparalleled dynamic stability in flight with accurate bar information Maximum power and acceleration thanks to the high aspect ratio and moderate arc Complete control of the profile and distortions thanks to the W5 bridle The FURTIVE is the kite you need to break records with a twintip, a gun or a foil! SIZE (m*) WIND RANGE (knts)

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The DIABLO's R&D team with Robert Graham (who led the tuning development) along with Titouan Galea (key tester), have worked tirelessly on the bridle specifications and connections, undertaking the Herculean task to reach the perfect settings for each DIABLO V.3 sizes. AN EVOLVING DESIGN WORK! F-ONE’s third generation of ram-air kite, the DIABLO V.3 is the result of an always evolving design work. This new version combines the ease of use that made our V.1 so successful with the performances needed to challenge for a world champion title. RACE The end result is very satisfying: when out for...

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