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SAFETY MATTERS 2018 - 48 Pages

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EVAL – E.G. Vallianatos S.A. is a European manufacturer of MEDSOLAS & CE products, offering a full range of safety equipment such as lifejackets (inherently buoyant and inflatable), lifebuoys, lifejacket and lifebuoy lights, buoyancy aids, meeting the latest standards. The company’s product range includes more than 6.000 codes of marine accessories, docking and anchoring, electrical, electronic, hydraulic, fishing and water sports equipment. EVAL – E.G. Vallianatos S.A. is a leader Greek company, producing marine lifesaving equipment and accessories, for passenger ships and leisure boats,...

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SINCE 1976 Produces in Greece... Distributes worldwide QUALITY // CERTIFICATIONS Since the beginning of its activities EVAL -E.G. Vallianatos S.A. applies a quality management system according to ISO 9001, while its products have been certified by Notified Bodies LLOYD’S Register, Polish Register of Shipping, TUV and RINA. EVAL pays attention to quality control, having a well-equipped Quality Control department, staffed with specialized engineers. Therefore, every single batch is thoroughly tested, before entering the market. A. Company’s Certifications 1. ISO 9001:2008 (Quality...

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SAFETY CATALOGUE / LIFEJACKETS SOLAS category lifejackets are manufactured in accordance with the strictest specifications of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations and the Marine Equipment Directive. They are mainly intended for offshore use, with heavy clothing and they equip all kinds of passenger ships, commercial and warships and also large fishing boats and yachts. COMPACT FOLDABLE FOAM LIFEJACKET, M.E.D. 2014/90/EU, SOLAS-L.S.A. CODE, ^ IMO MSC.81(70), MSC.200(80), MSC.201(81), MSC.207(81), MSC.323(89), MSC.368(93), MSC.378(93) Designed for merchant ships. Compared...

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SAFETY CATALOGUE / LIFEJACKETS Designed to equip merchant ships. Constructed with SOLAS approved reflective tapes, approved whistle and two alternative positions for lifejacket light installation (front or side). Also equipped with a belt ending in a plastic hook so as to allow persons wearing it to be strapped together. FOAM LIFEJACKET BASIC, M.E.D. 2014/90/EU, SOLAS-L.S.A. CODE, IMO MSC.81(70),    ^ *available in yellow, on request 02010 4-6 foldable foam lifejacket, M.E.D. 96/98/ec, solas-l.s.a. code, imo MSC.81(70),MSC.200(80), MSC.201(81), MSC.207(81) *available in yellow, on request...

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SAFETY CATALOGUE / LIFEJACKETS SOLAS - L.S.A. CODE INFLATABLE LIFEJACKETS M.E.D. 2014/90/EU, IMO MSC 81(70), MSC.200(80), MSC.207(81), MSC.323(89), MSC.368(93) & MSC.378(93) PPE 89/686/EEC, EN ISO 12402-2 / EN ISO 12402-3 / EN ISO 12401 INFLATABLE ADULT LIFEJACKETS "ITHACA" 150N & 275N Inflatable lifejackets ITHACA 150N and ITHACA 275N have been produced according to latest SOLAS regulations. They are suitable for offshore use under extreme weather conditions with full weather clothing, thus they can be installed on all commercial and navy ships, professional fishing boats and mega-yachts....

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SAFETY CATALOGUE / LIFEJACKETS CE LIFEJACKETS CE category lifejackets are manufactured in accordance with the internationally harmonized standards EN ISO 12402 of the Personal Protective Equipment Regulation (EU) 2016/425. These standards are categorized based on the security level, as follows: ΕΝ ΙSO 12402-2 LIFEJACKETS, 275N Lifejackets intended for offshore use under extreme conditions. Worn in combination with heavy protective clothing which may adversely affect the self-righting capacity of the lifejacket. Designed to ensure that the user is floating in the correct position with his...

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SAFETY CATALOGUE / LIFEJACKETS 04326*    im, INFLATABLE ADULT LIFEJACKET "SIMI" 150N The Inflatable adult lifejacket "SIMI" by EVAL is a combination of small size and comfort. It is suitable for any type of motor boat or sailing boat, for swimmers or users that do not know how to swim, for use in non-sheltered waters even wearing heavy clothing. It is designed to turn the user into a safe position, even if he is unconscious. Lifejacket features: // UML inflators // Oral tube // Lifting loop // velcro-closing cover // EN ISO 12402-8 approved whistle // Max. user’s chest circumference 140 cm...

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SAFETY CATALOGUE / LIFEJACKETS 04327* inflatable lifejacket “nisyros”, EN iso 12402-3, EN ISO 12402-2, EN ISO 12401 eVav The new inflatable lifejacket series "NISYROS" features ergonomic and lightweight design, which combines high quality and comfort. Available in two sizes: for adults and for children. Both size categories exceed the minimum buoyancy required by the standard, and especially the children's size offers the highest level of buoyancy in the market. All materials are certified according to the European standard EN ISO 12402-7. Lifejacket features: // UML inflator // one 24gr or...

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SAFETY CATALOGUE / LIFEJACKETS CE FOAM LIFEJACKETS 00487* lifejacket belt "SKOPELOS" 150N, EN iso 12402-3 Designed for general use in non-sheltered water and for use with heavy clothing. Turns the user into a safe position, even if he is unconscious. It features a 30mm wide strap, additional rescue strap, SOLAS reflective tapes and a EN ISO 12402-8 approved whistle. All materials used in the construction of the lifejacket are approved in accordance with the European standard EN ISO 12402-7 of the Directive 89/686 / EC for recreational crafts. 00496* lifejackets "NAXOS" 150N EN ISO...

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00495* lifejackets "Crete" ioon, en iso 12402-4 Provides safety in sheltered waters. It is specially designed to turn and keep the user in a safe position. The protective collar supports the head and keeps it out of the water, providing the user with a safe position without any effort. It is equipped with a belt with easy-to-use buckle, plastic zipper, EN ISO 12402-8 approved whistle and SOLAS approved reflective tapes. Children's models feature crotch fabric and/or strap for safer fit. All materials used in the construction of lifejackets are approved in accordance with the European...

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