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The new international regulation ISO 9650, published on March I" 2005, will be in the future the reference standard for the leisure navigation \ on an international level, even if its application is not yet compulsory for all the European countries. (Just France immediately decided to adopt it, the first country in Europe). This norm, which according to the type of navigation foresees two different types of liferafts to be used on board of the leisure boats in the length of 24 metres or less, strictly defines the manufacturing specifications, the technical features of the materials to be used, the quantity and type of the required equipment and the testing procedure concerning the control of compliance. As far as the type of navigation conceived for each model, the ISO 9650 text quotes as follows: j TYPE 1 LIFERAFTS (size from 4 to 12 persons) are designed for extended voyages, where high wind and significant wave heights may be experienced. The ISO 9650-1 rafts are recommended for the offshore navigation. They can be thrown over board from the max height of 6 m from the level of the water. Type 1 raffs are divided into two groups: GROUP A: must inflate in a range of temperature between -15° C and +65° C and are equipped with a double floor for thermal insulation GROUP B: must inflate in a range of temperature between 0° C and +65° C and are equipped with a single floor There are two options as far as the safety equipment, depending on the time that it is expected to remain on board before being rescued (less or over 24 hours). The equipment >24h includes also food and water rations. Some items being part of the safety equipment can be stored apart, outside the container/valise, in a grab bag that must be positioned on board, in an easily accessible place, next to the liferaft. TYPE 1 LIFERAFTS (GROUP A) WITH AN EQUIPMENT <24H ARE ACCEPTED BY THE ISAF OFFSHORE SPECIAL REGULATIONS TYPE 2 LIFERAFTS (size from 4 to 10 persons) are designed for voyages, where moderate conditions may be met, in areas such as, but not limited to, coastal waters, large bays, estuaries, The ISO 9650-2 rafts are recommended for the coastal navigation. They can be thrown over board from the max height of 4 m from the level of the water. Type 2 rafts must inflate in a range of temperature between 0° C and +65° C and are equipped with a single floor. The choice between the two types of rafts (and equipment) is left to the captain, under his responsibility. EV ISO 9650 TYPE 1 and TYPE 2 RAFTS Both these models of rafts are manufactured by Eurovinil S.p.A. in accordance with the prescriptions of the new ISO 9650 regulation and are conceived to assure the highest level of comfort, even in case of a long stay on board. In fact, the boarding ramp (ISO 9650-1 ) together with an external and an internal ladder makes the boarding easier; the double inflatable floor (ISO 9650-1 and ISO 9650-2) grants a good thermal insulation, the newly designed ballast bags, thanks to their larger capacity and number, ensure the raft a higher stability. In order to make the position finding easier, these rafts are equipped with an external light and retro-reflective tapes on the canopy, which is made of a brilliant orange fabric. Inside the raft, the lighting is granted by a bulb that can be manually switched off. All the models of ISO 9650 rafts are equipped with a system for the collection of rain water. Part of the SURVITEC group of companies VIA GENOVA, 5 GROSSETO ITALY www.eurovinil.it eurovinil@eurovinil.it

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TECHNICAL FEATURES Material of inflatable part Inflation system Range of temperature for inflation External light Internal light Boarding ramp Double floor for thermal insulation ISAF Offshore Special Regulations VTE 99 multidirectional firing mechanism 12 years on fabric and weldings Seasickness bags/pers. Floating anchor Drinking water/pers. Rescue quoit and line Solas approved thermal protective aids Food rations/pers. Solas approved parachute flares Solas approved red hand flares Use and survival instructions manual Distress signal table Water-tight torch with spare batteries and bulb Signalling...

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