2010 Product Catalog - 20 Pages

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2010 Product Catalog

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3 Which Elie kayak to choose? EXPERT DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT have assembled an outstanding team to design our Elie kayaks, including Olympic paddler François Létourneau. His experience as a world-class paddler and his expertise in industrial design and advanced composites helps make every Elie kayak world class, as well. MANUFACTURING PROCESS are the only North American kayak Over many years, we have been perfecting the art of Twin Sheet Thermoforming fJST), a high-precision technology that shapes the deck and hull and fuses them together under extreme heat and pressure. This technology also...

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WHICH ELIE KAYAK TO CHOOSE? STRAIT FAMILY • Day touring kayaks For more advanced paddlers wanting to take longer [1-3 day] trips on larger, more challenging bodies of water. SOUND FAMILY • Recreational kayaks From calm-water cruises to taking on wind and chop in bigger waters, the Sound family of kayaks will get you to your destination. HORIZON FAMILY • Sit-on-top kayaks Open decks mean they are easy to get into and out of - many like to use sit-on-tops for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. Good option for those not comfortable in a sit-in kayak. HORIZON FAMILY • Sport fishing kayaks...

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Used in all Elie kayaks, three-layer Poly-XR™ material is 30°/o more rigid than standard polyethylene, thanks to an advanced resin in the top layer. Our designers use less material to deliver the same incredible durability - resulting in a lighter and stiffer kayak that is easier to paddle, maneuver, even lift on top of your car. Plus, it has a glossy finish and deep color for

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Ergoflex Seating System™ Backrest flexes with you through the paddling stroke for optimal support. You can adjust its height to fit your position. EVA padded seat eliminates hot spots and supports your thighs on even the longest trips. fluid steering system" Fluid Steering System™ rudder Keeps you on course during challenging maneuvers and strong crosswinds. Stiff, yet light, composite construction adds precision. COCKPIT TABLE Sound cockpit table A great place to keep important items secure and within reach. The watertight day hatch and dry bag keep valuables dry and safe. Plus, the...

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It is easy to understand the appeal of kayaking. Getting away from it all on the lake or river under your own power. Going places you have never imagined. Feeling as if you are one with your boat and the water, just as people have done for thousands of years. With Elie kayaks, you get the most out of your time on the water. They are comfortable, easy to paddle, stable and go where you want them to go. Our exclusive Poly-XR™ deck and hull material means you will enjoy your Elie kayak on day trips or quick sunset paddles years from now.

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STRAIT FAMILY» DAY TOURING STRAIT 120 «STRAIT 120XE* STRAIT 140* STRAIT 140XE You will be hard pressed to find an advanced day touring kayak with a better combination of performance, durability and premium features. The sophisticated Strait hull design is fast, easy handling and stable. Nice touches all around enhance your experience. STRAIT FAMILY«COMMON FEATURES: • Adjustable oversize footpegs • Asymetrical Swede-form geometry carrying handles • Deluxe cockpit • Elastic bungee cords • Ergoflex Seating System™ • Hard chine V-shape hull • Keel extension • Lay-down bottle holder durable...

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SOUND FAMILY-RECREATIONAL The hull is extremely stable, all sizes are easy to paddle and track extremely straight. Beginners will appreciate the large cockpit opening and all paddlers will marvel at the thoughtful features all around. SOUND FAMILY«COMMON FEATURES • Adjustable oversize footpegs carrying handles • Elastic bungee cords • Lay-down bottle holder durable Poly-XR™ material • Stern storage hatch • Very stable with large cockpit opening SOUND FAMILY«SPECIFIC FEATURES • Adjustable padded backrest • Cockpit table • Ergoflex Seating System™ • Keel extension • Knee pads • Cockpit table...

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Sure, sit-on-tops are unsinkable and easy to board and reboard. But, like all Elie kayaks, there is more. All their hull designs are very stable and easy to paddle. There are great features on every boat to make every outing fun, such as padded seats, adjustable backrests and watertight storage options. HORIZON FAMILY«COMMON FEATURES: • Adjustable padded backrest • Bottle holder carrying handles • Elastic bungee cords In stern durable Poly-XR™ material • Padded seat cushion • Self-balling design • Stern storage platform • Very stable HORIZON FAMILY«SPECIFIC FEATURES: • Molded footrests •...

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KAYAKS • sport FISHING sport fishing HORIZON 150 ANGLER

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HORIZON FAMILY-SPORT FISHING With our Horizon sport fishing kayaks, the difference is in the details. We thought of pretty much everything for anglers to enjoy their time chasing trophy fish, from extra-stable hull designs to sealed rod holders and integrated tackle boxes. HORIZON ANGLER FAMILY«COMMON FEATURES: fluid steering systerrr Keeps you on course during ^ strong crosswinds. Stiff, yet light, composite construction adds precision FLUSH MOUNT Botti holders are sealed, preventing water from getting between the deck • Bottle holder carrying handles • Elastic bungee cords In stern...

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KAYAK • ACCESSORIES Poseidon DLX paddle PS1259 Yellow (89’’ - 226 cm) accessories • kayak accessories PS1260 Black (89’’ - 226 cm) ACCESSORY CODE: KAYAK MODELS PS1259: use it with all Elie kayak models PS1260: use it with all Elie kayak models Aluminum paddle PS0656 Orange (84’’ - 213 cm) PS0657 Black (89’’ - 226 cm) ACCESSORY CODE: KAYAK MODELS PS0656: use it with all Elie kayak models PS0657: use it with all Elie kayak models

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