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ELAN YACHTS years of experience and innovation A new generation of yachts offering a perfect balance between performance, comfort, easy handling and safety without compromise.

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Elan Yachts, some of the most competitive sailing yachts available today. Benefiting from “Humphreys Yacht Design” Volvo Ocean Race 70 yacht designs. Elan inherits many features from these ultimate racing machines such as twin rudders, T-shaped performance keel, chined hull for minimum drag and the latest 3D VAIL infusion technology. With state of the art deck equipment positioned for the optimum performance and a fine tuned sail plan, every Elan Yacht offers a superb sailing experience.

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Elan is a global producer and supplier of sports and leisure time activities equipment with its origins in Slovenia. The company, established in 1945, has a proud long history in the market. All Elan’s enterprises are devoted to technical development of products and progressive design through innovative approach and advanced technology. The combination of these elements provides the ultimate sporting pleasure to our customers around the world. The Winter division at Elan manufactures skis and snowboards, the Marine division produces sailing yachts, while Elan Inventa is the leading brand in...

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Performance Cruising Performance PREMIUM Elan has over many years defined the true meaning of the Performance Cruiser. The Elan Team takes the latest in design and technology to produce a performance yacht built to exacting standards while still maintaining a cruising capability with a comfortable interior. The Elan E range offers a fully dual purpose yacht without compromise. The future, Elan has embarked upon an exciting new project to build a range of premium cruising yachts that still retain the similar performance advantage of the E range. The GT range will offer a premium lifestyle on...

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REAL TECH DESIGN AND BUILD Humphreys Yacht Design have been principal designers for Elan Marine since the mid 1990s, working with Elan’s own extensive in-house engineering team. From the first relationship, the Elan 295, Rob Humphreys has been an ever-strengthening presence, consistently helping direct the company’s vision, with a range of boats that offer excellent racer-cruiser balance. It’s what Humphreys has frequently referred to as the 60/60 range, where the racing eye will focus on the boats’ obvious race-winning potential and feel the designs are biased in his direction, while the...

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Elan embodies a true passion for sailing, technological innovations and distinctive design. Every yacht coming from Elan’s 16.000 sq meter boatyard in Slovenia is the result of our 65-year long passion for innovation-oriented quality boatbuilding. Elan is the only production boatbuilder that uses exclusively VAIL and 3D VAIL technology and its benefits. Latest technology and modern interior design make Elan Yachts leaders and trend setters in every aspect. Your yacht is built by our highly skilled craftsmen with great care and attention to every detail. We want to make sure that your yacht...

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R E A L T E C H F E AT U R E S At Elan we have always been pioneers in innovation when it comes to boat design and construction. We were one of the first to implement Vacuum Assisted Infusion Lamination technology (VAIL) into our production and are still one of the few that use it on all the boats in the range. With constant research and development our yachts come close to perfection in terms of design, construction and building methods to ensure maximum performance and joy for the most demanding sailors. Synergy between Humphreys Yacht Design and Elan development team ensure the best...

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Integrated toerail Integrating the toerail makes it safer and easier to walk on when the boat is heeled. It also makes the boat cleaner and improves the design of the boat. + SAFER PASSAGE TO THE BOW WHEN HEELED + IMPROVED DESIGN Twin Rudder System Due to the wider and flatter hull design twin rudders are more efficient then a single rudder, providing exceptional control and reducing the tendency to broach. The yacht does not stall easily, her pitching moment is reduced and her directional control is superb! + More effective rudder control especially when heeled + Lighter loads on helm and...

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Performance Spark “The Elan E1, dubbed “the pocket rocket”, was designed for maximum ease-of-use and ease-of-ownership, while ensuring superior sailing performance associated with her bigger siblings, the E1 offers a new concept of ownership. Minimizing every stage of preparation for a sailing vacation, a number of innovative solutions enable you to pack, drive and sail in no time. Like other day sailers, Elan E1 doesn’t require a berth in the marina, thus saving considerable cost, while her limited weight doesn’t demand big towing cars.”

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TRAILABLE SLEEPS 4 PERSONS LIFTING KEEL A dream come true for anyone who has ever considered owning a sailing yacht.

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Once aboard the new E1, you will appreciate the numerous innovative solutions, designed to improve performance, ensure single-handed sailing capability, saving space and energy. In order to maintain the centre of buoyancy, the outboard engine is not mounted on the transom, but stored in a designated locker in the cockpit sole. Aside from performance advantages, the Elan E1’s beamy hull form also provides an exceptionally large cockpit and interior volume for a design of this size. The Elan E1 also features tiller steering and a transom mounted mainsheet traveller (optional on S1) to further...

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The retractable bowsprit brings an efficient asymmetric Comfortable backrest for below deck or in cockpit use. Twin rudders offer great control when heeled. setting, bringing the rig's point of effort forward to enhance control at high speed. In the C0Ckpit sole there is a designated locker for an outboard engine which can be deployed within a self contained cartridge system. Single tiller for easy handling and maximum control. The lifting keel makes the Elan E1 easily trailable and Mainsheet traveller mounted on the transom for maximum cockpit space (optional on S1). ideal for exploring...

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