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2010 Ebbtide catalog - 27 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Sustainable relaxation. It’s easy to be lured to the curves and lines, colors and styling of an Ebbtide. No doubt, these elements are important in the grand scheme of things. It’s what One Of A Kind Family Time lies beneath the obvious that separates Ebbtide from most the DURA-CORE™ hull sides, every detail of your Ebbtide has Bringing families closer together, one weekend at a time. The fact that you’re reading this means you’re part of been carefully engineered to deliver unsurpassed safety, quiet a boating family. Whether you’ve already lived the dream of comfort and a boat that will last your...

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Since many boats look alike from the outside, how do you get below the surface and understand the real differences? Talk to a family who has owned multiple boats. You’ll find out very quickly which boats and which features rise to the top. How easy is the boat to maneuver? How safe do you feel in rough water? What about quality and service? How strong is the dealer network? This is probably the most important information in our catalog, because it comes from the heart of the people we serve. “You can find yourself a cheap boat, but there’s “Why did we choose an Ebbtide? Because of their “We compared...

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It’s not the only way, but it is the best way to build boats. If mass We focus on what goes into the boat... perfection of the gelcoat, the resin-to-glass The Hull: Boat for boat, you won’t find a stronger hull with more layers of hand-laid (yet another difference between Ebbtide and the rest). This combination creates our production were our goal, we’d need to alter the way we build each boat. But since ratio, the strength and rigidity of the stringer system. We use Ashland’s highest quality glass mat, core mat, woven roving, directional material and resin. Each successive layer exclusive DYNA-PLANE™...

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For example, when he took the first 2700 Cuddy Bow Rider to Powerboat Magazine’s performance test, it won Performance is about the ultimate combination of power, speed, comfort and control, especially the prestigious Boat of the Year Award (Ebbtide’s 7th Boat of the Year Award). Ebbtide, through his leadership, when it comes to design, engineering and testing. Everything has not just raised the performance bar... the bar has been elevated to a whole new level. Tom Trabue | President of Ebbtide is measured. Time to plane… cornering… max speed… glassto-resin ratio… decibel level in the cockpit…...

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Webster’s definition of performance—the manner in which or the efficiency with which something reacts or fulfills its intended purpose. In the boating world, performance has typically come to mean, “how fast will it go?”. It is easy to build a fast boat. Just make it as light as possible, with minimal hull dead rise and then throw in the largest engine you can find. It’ll go fast… in a straight line and on placid waters. But that’s not Ebbtide’s intended purpose. At Ebbtide, we define performance as being about more than just going fast. It’s about plane times, stability, ride and handling in...

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Awards for Excellence “Ebbtide’s emphasis on durable construction is “When it comes to styling, workmanship, and hull “Ebbtide is a production boat company, but “Ebbtide makes sure you and your “The boat cornered predictably without what separates it from the pack of production construction, Ebbtide rivals Wellcraft, Sea Ray and the boats are extremely custom looking and the family have the best time possible, blowing out or burying itself in the turn… companies. This company builds for the long haul.” Cobalt… in every category except price.” workmanship is exceptional.” manufacturing boats that...

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A beautiful boat ÍS like a beautiful woman. You can recognize it from a distance... and you can't help looking at it. In recent history Ebbtide has introduced several bold new models... the Extreme... a revolutionary 27 foot Cuddy Bow Rider, winner of Powerboat Magazine's coveted Runabout of the Year Award in 2005... our new Z-Trak™ series includes the 2660 Fun Cruiser, the 2640 Bow Rider, the 2460 Fun Cruisers, the 2440 Bow Rider and Cuddy and our new 2300 Z-Trak™ Bow Rider. On top of all that, we completely re-styled the 188 SE, 192 SE, 202 SE, 215 SE and 224 SE. All are beautiful examples of...

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A - Our cuddies feature spacious cabins E - Hidden trash bins are standard I - SS Interior: Checkered flag interior graphics with plenty of room for adults, children and all their gear for a weekend on the water. on many models and plenty of storage is standard on all models. B - Heads/changing rooms add F - Our lounging sundeck featured in this wrap-around SS cockpit seating with a center walk-thru with optional light sterling snap-in carpet. convenience when out on the water all day. (on all fun cruisers, cuddies & the 2640 & 2440 br) is perfect for those lazy afternoons in the sun. J - Optional...

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2700 ss cuddy bow rider Ebbtide’s 27 foot Cuddy Bow Rider has the sought after performance, style and presentation your family is looking for. At the heart of this boat is its reinforced hull design incorporating Kevlar® brand fiber. Thanks to a 24 degree dead rise bottom, a design typically found only on off-shore performance boats, it can run with the best and handle rough water with comfort and control. The unique layout combines a bow rider with a cuddy cabin that is accessible from the cockpit or the bow. Each roomy section of the boat comfortably seats at least 4 members of your family....

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2440 ss cuddy se cuddy (Boat pictured with Optional Full Hull Band (Black), Small Accent Stripe (Lite Sable), and SL Ultra Luxury Package with Special Order Black Dash. Overhead pictured with Optional Full Raised Bow Rails. The 2440 Z-Trak™ SS Cuddy has a Reinforced Hull incorporating Kevlar® brand fiber.) 224 (224 pictured with Optional Full Hull Band (Sapphire), Small Accent Stripe (Tide White) and Standard SE Package.) 2440 z-trak sport cuddy Optional Engines: 224 se cuddy 202 se cuddy 224 optional Engines: 202 optional Engines: Loa w/ext swim platform 25’ 5” / 7.747 Meters Merc. 5.0 l mpi...

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