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Smart Start Pedestal Product Focus Stop Giving Away Free Power! Are you finding yourself giving away free power or just charging on a per foot basis to transient boaters? If you have transient boat slips, Eaton Corporation-Marina Power and Lighting has developed their newest product for your situation. The new "Smart Start" pedestal is activated by the swipe of a credit card. A kiosk will be centrally located at the marina and will control up to 32 power pedestals. When a boater wants to use a slip, they will enter the slip number and amount of time they would like and will then be asked to swipe a card in order to activate the pedestal. Once the chosen time is up, the pedestal will shut down. No more free power! The "Smart Start" pedestal will not only prevent transient boaters from stealing power, but it will also eliminate the need for 24 hour monitoring of the slips. Boaters will be able to come in at any time of the day and activate a pedestal. Smart Start Pedestal and Stainless Steel Lighthouse Call Today for More Information 1-800-723-8009 Eaton Electrical, Inc. Marina Power & Lighting 149 Warwick Court Williamsburg, VA 23185 United States tel: 1-800-723-8009 Lighted stainless steel kiosk enclosure Programmable slip time blocks Programmable slip rates Printable receipts

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