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Catalogue excerpts

Marina Power and Lighting Product Focus Power Pedestals Distribution Equipment

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Eaton Corporation Marina Power and Lighting A Powerful Solution for the Marina Industry The Most Complete, Highest Quality, Electrical Distribution Equipment for Marina Applications Known as a leader in electrical control, power distribution, and industrial automation products and services, Eaton Corporation consistently provides power management solutions. Eaton is able to provide a complete electrical solution to marina developers and managers. For more information on the other products available from Eaton, visit us online at or What Eaton Has to...

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Since 1990, Marina Power and Lighting has been providing boat owners and marina opera- tors with the highest quality, weatherproof electrical equip- tinue to lead the industry with the largest selection of innova- tive marine products, ranging from power pedestals to distri- bution equipment and wire. Williamsburg, Virginia allows keep up with today's growing Hatteras, and Newport Harbor Mate are constructed of high- strength, engineered resins that make them the longest lasting, most reliable units have units that have been in service for more than 20 years and are still operating daily. These...

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Eaton Corporation Marina Power and Lighting Electrical Layout Designs Our professional sales and technical staff will assist you and your design team through all aspects of your marina project. Proper planning and layout of the electrical system will minimize equipment and wire costs, as well as reduce installation time and possible construction delays. Eaton can also provide all the wiring necessary to complete the project. 1-800-723-8009 Electrical Layout Designs: • Circuit Layout • Voltage Requirements • Transformer Sizes • Voltage Drops • Pedestal and Receptacle Selection...

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Eaton Corporation Marina Power and Lighting Complete Electrical Solutions for the Marina Industry Generators Surge Protectors Provides backup power for critical marina applications. • Single-phase and three-phase • Powered by natural gas or propane source Whole marina application surge protection at the service entrance point to protect the electronics in your marina development. Don't let the electronic equipment in your marina go unprotected! • Rugged outdoor enclosures • 200 kAIC interrupting capacity • Automatic transfer switches available • Optional indicating lights confirm properly functioning...

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Lighthouse Power Pedestal One of our most popular units, the all-purpose Lighthouse pedestal has a wide range of features. With units in service around the world, this stylish power pedestal is recognized for its practicality and exceptional durability. Lighthouse Power Pedestals, Cordova Marina, Alaska Lighthouse Base Diagram 6 EATON CORPORATION Marina Power Equipment 1-800-723-8009

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Base Extension Base Cap Lighthouse Power Pedestal Standard Features • • Standard Features • Available Options • Dimensions • . Photocell-Controlled 14 Watt Compact Fluorescent Twistbulb Light with Amber Lens That Provides 360 Degrees of Lighting Lockable Weatherproof Doors Which Protect Breakers and Receptacles While In Use (A Requirement of N.F .A. .P 303 and NEC Art. 555) • Heavy Resin Housing with a Two-Part Polyurethane Coating for a UV Resistant, Long Lasting Finish • “Hingeless” Base Providing Easy Access for Both Installation and Maintenance • Backlit Universal Faceplate for Easy Receptacle...

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Lighthouse - SS Power Pedestal The Lighthouse-SS offers the same standard features and options as the standard lighthouse. Like all stainless steel marina products manufactured by Eaton, the Lighthouse-SS is made of high-quality 316L stainless steel for superior corrosion-resistance. Lighthouse - SS Power Pedestal Lighthouse - SS Base Diagram 8 EATON CORPORATION Marina Power Equipment 1-800-723-8009

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Lighthouse - SS Power Pedestal Standard Features Available Options • • 20A/125V GFI Receptacle* • High-Speed Internet Connection • Available with Lockable Weatherproof Doors • Hose and Cable Brackets Wireless Remote Metering Available for Water and Electricity Heavy 316L Stainless Steel Housing that is PowderCoated with a Polyester Resin • • Surge Protection Device (SPD) to Protect from Voltage Surges, Spikes or Lightning on the AC Power Line • Copper Bus Bar with Ratings from 250 to 500 Amps • Single or Dual Phone and/ or Cable TV Connections Large Removable Access Panel for Easy Maintenance...

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Admiral - SS Power Pedestal The flagship of our pedestal line, the Admiral-SS provides amperage capabilities up to 500 Amps and voltages of 480/277 three-phase, 208/120 three-phase, 120/240 single-phase, and combinations of these receptacles in one unit to serve nearly any size vessel. Admiral - SS Receptacle Configurations 10 EATON CORPORATION Marina Power Equipment OUTLETS SIDE 1 OUTLETS SIDE 2 100-100 Single-Phase 100-100 Three-Phase 100-100 Single-Phase 100 Single-Phase 100 Single-Phase 100-100-50-50 Single-Phase 100-100-50-50 Single-Phase 200 Three-Phase 100-100 Single-Phase...

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Admiral - SS Power Pedestal • • Standard Features • Standard Features Available Options • Dimensions • Available Options Heavy 316L Stainless Steel Housing That Is Powder Coated with a Polyester Resin Photocell Controlled Dual 14 Watt Compact Fluorescent Twistbulb Light with Amber Lens That Provides 360 Degrees of Lighting • Four 100A Receptacles of Any Two Voltage Combinations Such As 277/480 Three-Phase, 120/208 Three-Phase, or 120/240 Single-Phase • 200A/480V Receptacles • When the 100A 120/240V Receptacles Are Used, Two 50 Amp 120/240V Receptacles Can Also Be Provided for a Total of 500 Amps...

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Hatteras Light Power Pedestal The Hatteras Light is an elegant and low cost solution to your shore power needs. It utilizes the same 360 degree light assembly as the Lighthouse, yet is only 31 inches tall. Thousands of these attractive pedestals are found not only in marinas, but also around pools, deck areas, boardwalks and landscape areas. Hatteras Light Power Pedestal Hatteras Light Base Diagram 12 EATON CORPORATION Marina Power Equipment 1-800-723-8009

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