Industrial non-hazardous enclosures - 516 Pages

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Industrial non-hazardous enclosures
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Catalog excerpts

NEMA Type 1, 3, 3R, 4, 4X, 12, 13 Enclosures & Wireway, Climate Control Products, and Accessories

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Enclosures You Want – When You Need Them At Cooper B-Line, we offer solutions to meet our customer requirements. From standard stock product to modified and custom enclosures, our Enclosure Experts are available to help you choose the enclosures you want, delivered in the time you need them. Broad Enclosure Product Offering We understand customers require top of the line standard, modified and custom industrial and commercial enclosures. From small to large enclosures, we provide customers with virtually every finish, size, type and accessory to meet their enclosure product requirements. • • •...

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Enclosure Experts We understand that customers rely on the manufacturer to provide support before, during, and after the sale. That’s why we have a staff of employees dedicated to support the needs of our enclosure customers. • Enclosure Sales Managers • Enclosure Quotes Specialists • Engineering Design Specialists Ease of Doing Business We have thousands of employees dedicated to Ease of Doing Business for our customers and measure our success by exceeding the customers’ expectations. From ease of quotes and orders to on-time delivery, we aren’t satisfied, if you aren’t satisfied. • C3 Distribution...

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Introduction Selecting Enclosures You Want – When You Need Them Consoles & Consolets Thermal Products Stock Enclosures Cooper B-Line strategically stocks standard industrial and commercial enclosures to provide the best possible availability to meet customers’ expectations. For more information, visit • Nationwide Availability • 15 Stocking Locations • Full Range of Industrial & Commercial Products

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Introduction Modified Enclosures If your business requires enclosures that have push button holes, special paint, modified dimensions and other special requirements for industrial and commercial applications, then you need a manufacturer that can deliver enclosures to meet your specific requirements in time for your project. Cooper B-Line offers thousands of catalog designs that can be altered to meet your requirements and delivered in the time you need. For more information, visit • • • • Thousands of Sizes Available Various Materials and Finishes Standard and Special...

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NEMA Type 1 Quick-Connect Wireway (pages 15 - 20) EnviroShield™ Type 3R Wireway (pages 21 - 24) Quarter-Turn Locking Expanded Offering Three-Point Locking Expanded Offering (throughout catalog) (throughout catalog) CoSPECSM Specifier Center Seamless Poured-in-Place Gasketing (throughout catalog)

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Enclosures You Want, When You Need Them Cooper B-Line is excited to announce the improved Cooper B-Line Enclosure website, dedicated to our full line of Industrial and Commercial Cooper B-Line Enclosures. The improved site is easier to navigate and includes the key tools and literature tied to helping you find the enclosures you want; in the time you need them. And now, you can access all of our Industrial and Commercial Enclosures, as well as Wireway products, in CoSPECSM, our CAD, BIM, PDMS, and Graphics catalog. CoSPEC allows you to select, view and download native design content in nearly...

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Cooper B-Line’s catalog numbering system for industrial and commercial enclosures and wireway is a logical, easy-to-use system. It was developed so our customers could easily order or find a Cooper B-Line catalog number. Referenced in each catalog number is the size, type designation, and style. See pages v. vi, and vii for the full catalog numbering legend. Industrial Enclosures style Enclosure Size Enclosure Type Listed left of dash (-)Immediately follows dash (-) 1    Type 1 4    Type 4 Enclosure Style Immediately follows Type designation 3PT    3-Point Locking CD (as a prefix) Center Mounted...

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Industrial Wireway 2212-12LW size type ^style Wireway Size Listed left of dash (-) Wireway Type Immediately follows dash (-) 12    NEMA 12 4XS    NEMA 4X Type 304 Stainless Steel Wireway Styles Immediately follows Type designation FW    Feed-Through Wireway Lay-In Wireway Fittings Adapter for Hammond®t Mfg. Adapter for Hoffman®t or Wiegmann®t Adapter for Robroy®t or Rittal®t Adapter for Square D®t Barrier Kit Coupling Box Connector Hanger, Bracket Cross, Top Open Cut-Off Fitting/Lay-in Style Closure Plate Hanger, Drop 90° Elbow, Top Open 90° Elbow, Outside-Top Open 90° Elbow, Inside Open 90° Elbow,...

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Commercial Wireway cont. Hinge Cover Wireway Style Follows Size designation 3RHS    EnviroShield™ Type 3R Wireway, Painted 3RAHS    EnviroShield™ Type 3R Wireway, Aluminum HS    Type 1 Quick-Connect Hinge Cover Wireway Wire Trough Style Follows Size designation GRT    Type 3R Screw Cover Wireway, Painted GRTGV    3R Screw    Cover Wireway, Galvanized GTGV    Type 1 Wiring Trough, Galvanized Enclosure Size    Listed First Enclosure Style    Follows Size designation DRHC    Type 3R Double-Door Hinge Cover HC    Type 1 Hinge Cover HC NK    Type 1 Hinge Cover No Knockouts HRTCT    Type 3R Current...

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This drawing is for illustration purposes only. It depicts how most Cooper B-Line Type 1 screw cover wireway straight sections and fittings could be used in an actual wireway run. Covers have been omitted in many instances to more clearly show the lay-in feature. Straight sections and fittings can be combined in many different configurations to accommodate any wiring application. The nomenclature depicts Type 1 screw cover wireway in ANSI 61 gray painted steel. In addition, Cooper B-Line also offers Type 1 galvanized screw cover wireway, Type 1 Quick-Connect hinge cover wireway, Type 3R wireway, NEMA...

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Type 4 Panel Enclosures Wall-Mount Enclosures Type 4 Double-Door with 3-Point Locking Data Sheet and Catalog Number Finish • Wash and phosphate undercoat • ANSI 61 gray polyester powder finish Accessories • Panels • Window Kits • Floor stand kit • Lights • Replacement handle, T4PKHB, (see page 422) Construction • Enclosure and door are fabricated from (14) gauge steel • All continuous welded seams are finished smooth • Heavy-duty continuous hinges with stainless steel hinge pins • Internal 3-point latching with keylocking and padlockable handles • Removable centerpost for easy panel installation •...

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