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Catalogue excerpts

Electrical power management solutions Energising a world that's powered differently. . - .•* - F;T*N Powering Business Worldwide

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Energising a world that demands more. Technologies advance in the blink of an eye. Cities arise seemingly overnight. Global commerce keeps moving. Running this power-hungry world requires energy like never before. And tomorrow’s world will demand even more. More electricity. More alternative energy sources. Ever-increasing efficiencies. With over 100 years of experience in electrical power management behind us, Eaton is anticipating those needs, engineering the products and shaping the solutions to energise our ever-changing world. Electrical power management solutions

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Powering tomorrow’s world, today. From ground breaking products to turnkey design and engineering services, critical industries around the globe count on Eaton. We’re powering data centres to safeguard unimaginable amounts of information. Supporting intensified oil and gas energy explorations. Integrating technology for increasingly automated machine-based manufacturing. Energising buildings demanding greater efficiency. Illuminating homes and businesses. And modernising the grid for greater reliability. At Eaton, we’re energised by the challenge to help you meet today’s need for reliable, efficient...

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Energising refineries with the power to optimise challenging new resources. Resources become scarcer and more remote. Incoming grades of oil are increasingly varied. Eaton innovation and engineering help refineries upgrade their processes. Efficiently and safely. Without sacrificing uptime. Innovative thinking. Proven expertise. Unmatched capabilities. Eaton offers exceptional benefits with a portfolio that's unmatched in the industry. Our extensive experience in electrical power management, deep understanding of your industry and innovation in product design translate into a powerful advantage...

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Energising machinery with integrated - -technology for unsurpassed efficiency. Eaton technology powers automation with superior speed and precision. Revolutionary ■ products like SmartWire-DT cut wiring effort by 70%. Greater transparency minimises downtime and manpower. Energising data centers to power the world's limitless demand for information. Our expertise goes beyond today's needs to create systems with the flexibility, reliability and scalability that anticipate tomorrow's —-growth. We deliver optimum efficiency and maximum investment return. Eaton expertise spans seven core Power distribution...

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At Eaton, we are always thinking beyond today's challenges. And envisioning your business' future success. Our heritage. B-Line series Bussmann series Cooper Power series Crouse-Hinds series Cutler-Hammer series Holec series MEM series Moeller series Powerware series For more than 100 years, the Eaton brand has stood for innovation, quality, market knowledge and unparalleled service. We're a recognised leader in the industry, with experience and capabilities that are both vast and deep. Our strength is our unique perspective. We look at the world differently. We see more possibilities and better...

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Energising a subway system to move even faster than the speed of a growing Beijing. Transporting 2,000 commuters in the flash of three minutes demands unsurpassed power, reliability and safety. Eaton's customised power distribution system provides Beijing with the confidence and expertise to fast forward this thriving metropolis. Eaton can power your business forward. We offer end-to-end solutions to optimise performance: • Accelerate the pace of new construction • Modernise aging infrastructure • Manage energy consumption • Protect people, equipment and data And we provide added support with: •...

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Discover what Eaton can do for you. At Eaton, we're energised by the challenge of powering a world that demands more. We invite you to share our vision. Follow the charge with Eaton. Eaton.com/followthecharge F:T*N Powering Business Worldwide Eaton 1000 Eaton Boulevard Cleveland, OH 44122, United States Eaton.com © 2015 Eaton All Rights Reserved Printed in USA Form No. BR083015EN October 2015 MVBupdate_2017ANZ Eaton Industries 10 Kent Road Mascot 2020 NSW, Australia Tel: 1300 332 866 Email: australiasales@eaton.com Eaton Industries Company Enable House, 106 Wrights Road Christchurch 8041 New Zealand Tel:    +64...

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