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Intimidator - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

• Premium maintenance-free starting, cycling, and deep cycle service • Micro-porous glass separators prevents acid spills and terminal • Lower internal resistance ensures higher discharge rates and faster • 2x the cycle life* extends • 20x more vibration protection* resists wave-pounding • Spillproof design enables flexible handling around electronics • High freeze-resistance weather service * Compared to conventional designs From starting performance to a boatload of trolling *and accessory power, Intimidator batteries won't have any trouble in meeting marine or RV needs. A premium spillproof design brings essential convenience and safety to the boating and RV Intimidator Starting and Cycling Service batteries means high starting and moderate deep cycle power. Ideal for boaters that want high cranking power and still enjoy dependable power for more electronic Intimidator Heavy-Duty Deep Cycle batteries have more fish-finding trolling and accessory power. Ideal for heavy deep cycle demands, with moderate starting power. Provides advanced protection against the typical deep discharge of extended trolling use.

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timidatof AGM Solutions for Intimidating Battery Needs Intimidator is a pioneer brand in the development of the form, fit, and function of AGM battery technology. It has been tested and proven to best meet the criteria for the various types of dependable marine power needs. ADVANCED DURABILITY DESIGNS • Fortified posts, straps, and welds resist vibration damage • Maximize current transfer over life of battery POWER-PERFORM FULL-FRAME POSITIVE & NEGATIVE PLATES • Better withstands rigorous marine demands • Prevents life-robbing electrical shorts from exposed wire ENHANCED ELECTROLYTE SUSPENSION...

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