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GNExB1X05 Xenon Strobe Beacon - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

GNExB1X05 Xenon Strobe Beacon The GNExB1X05 is an IECEx & ATEX approved explosion proof 5 Joule Xenon beacon. The robust IP66 corrosion proof GRP enclosure and extended temperature range ensures the GNExB1X05 is suitable for all Zone 1, 2, 21 & 22 hazardous location signalling applications. The GNExB1X05 beacon produces over 117cd effective - a high output Xenon strobe flash required for safety signalling. The field replaceable colour filter enhances the strobe and is constructed from UV stable PC. The GRP enclosure features a threaded flame path, dual cable entries and a large termination area - all of which significantly reduce installation time. Features Robust, corrosion proof G RP (glass reinforced polyester) enclosure Ingress protection IP66 Automatic synchronisation on multi-beacon systems DC voltage versions feature a choice of three flash rates DC voltage units feature remote initiation of flash rate User replaceable Xenon tube mechanically secured against shock & vibration G lass lens & Stainless Steel guard UV stable PC field replaceable lens colour filter Stainless steel fixings Dual cable entries Duplicate cable terminations (in & out for daisy-chain installations)

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Part Codes Flash rate: DC voltages: 1Hz (60fpm), 1.5Hz (90fpm) & double flash AC voltages: 1Hz (60fpm) Peak Candela: 500,000 cd - calculated from energy (J) Lens colours: Amber, Blue, Clear, G reen, Magenta, Red & Yellow 2 50 cd - calculated from energy (J) Peak Candela: Versi on: Product type: Ingress protection: IP66 Enclosure matl: UV stable G RP (glass reinforced polyester) Natural Red - can be provided in alternative colours Cable entries: 2 x M2 0 ISO (1 stopping plug inc.) Adaptors to M2 5, 1/2 " & 3/4" NPT can be specified Enclosure volume: <2 litres Line monitoring: Tube life: Blocking...

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