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MS Viking Legend Diesel / Electric propulsion system - 6 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

News MV Viking Legend - the "green" and worldwide first River Cruise Vessel featuring a Diesel electric Propulsion System has been put into operation successfully and was sailing for its Maiden Voyage Amsterdam - Budapest Amsterdam st e-ms Hamburg, July 31 , 2009 The MV Viking Legend (Figure 1) has been put into operation by Viking River Cruises AG on July 5th, 2009. At its overall length of 135m, a width of 11.4m and powered by an innovative and integrated Diesel electric ship’s network and propulsion system the vessel is not only one of the largest River Cruise Vessels in Europe, but it is in particular also considered as extra environmentally compliant due to its significantly reduced fuel consumption and likewise reduced emissions. The vessel will accommodate 189 passengers in 98 deluxe staterooms and provides room for 50 crew members. Schiffstechnik Buchloh is responsible for the state-of-the-art shipdesign.The MV Viking Legend was built by SET Schiffbau- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft in Tangermünde (Germany). The cutting edge technology of this integrated, Diesel electric ship’s network and propulsion technology – developed and realized solely by e-ms - enables first time a very compact design of a Diesel electric system, in order to install an electric solution onboard a river cruise vessel - fulfilling at the same time very ambitious, economical requirements. Due to its new groundbreaking network topology and its integrated design the system also offers even more technical features at a very robust and efficient operating performance compared to conventional Diesel electric systems. “At any given moment the ship’s energy needs are automatically calculated and the engines produce and supply only as much energy as needed. This allows the ship to use 20% less energy than a comparable ship.” (Th. Bogler, Viking River Cruises). All in all the MV Viking Legend will provide several new and remarkable Figure 1 Viking Legend during its Maiden Voyage in Colon e-powered marine solutions GmbH & Co. KG Management Registered Office Bank account : Hamburger Sparkasse HRA 109236 Hamburg Persönlich haftende Gesellschafterin : e-powered marine solutions Verwaltungs-GmbH; HRB 107293 Hamburg; Ust ID: 814525474 Peter Andersen Dampfschiffsweg 11, D-21079 Hamburg, Germany Tel. :+49 (40) 32 08 98 41, Fax :+49 (40) 32 80 89 60 BLZ : 20050550; Konto : 1265157295 IBAN: DE68200505501265157295 SWIFT Code: HASPDEHHXXX 090813 e-ms news - MS Viking Legend (e) Seite 1 von 6

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technical performance features which will not only reduce the fuel-consumption and the impact on the environment significantly but will as well minimize cost for service • In line with the latest European rules and regulations for river cruise vessels and the technical requirements of classification society Germanischer Lloyd main propulsion-, emergency propulsion system and ship's network of MV Viking Legend are united in a compact, common yet redundant network solution (s. Figure 2). The main propulsion system consists of four electrically driven Schottel rudder-propellers. The statutory emergency...

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generator-set is possible. The integrated power management system guarantees that only required generator-sets are kept in operation. In this way a load orientated efficient power generation will be ensured at all times. The integrated power management system additionally controls and balances the operating ■S hours of the Diesel engines which eases service and finally reduces cost for maintenance of Diesel engines. The MV Viking Legend features remarkably low values of noise and vibrations especially in passenger and crew cabins but also in public areas like restaurant, lounge and library. These...

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from each other in respect of voltage and frequency! This leads to the following main • Diesel generators need not be synchronized anymore with each other or the ship's network. All engines are operated with a constant speed at all operating ■p conditions and over their entire lifespan. Occurring speed variations due to load changes are irrelevant for ship's network consumers and are compensated by the integrated control system immediately. • IGBT-lnverter make it possible to use simple and cost efficient asynchronous generators instead of more complex synchronous generators. Additionally the combination...

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-POWERED MARINE SOLUTIONS Figures 6 and 7). Thereby various components like transformers, sections of switchboards and / or automation systems can be completely avoided or at least be significantly reduced. This results not only in reduced space requirements but also in less integration engineering and reduced cost for cabling and installation. Because of the high level of integration of all essential components as well as the implementation of state-of-the-art control devices including an easy to handle user interface ( e.g. Touch screens with animated mimics) the network and propulsion technology...

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-POWERED MARINE SOLUTIONS An order for a system onboard an 85m Yacht is already placed with E-MS. A detailed technical publication is currently under progress and shall be published by Figure 1 : By courtesy of Schiffstechnik Buchloh, Figure 2-9 e-ms E'PDWERED MARINE SOLUTIONS

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