Engine and transmission oil coolers - 11 Pages

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Engine and transmission oil coolers
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Catalog excerpts

These oil coolers are equalry suitable lex cookng torque convener, automatic transmission and engine oris Being water cooled they IIM the advantage of freedom from accidental damage and atao encourage quicker warning up of the oil. a feature when it particularly valuable in cold cantatas. The tube stack is tufty floebng so that thennal stresses ate mmmeed and rt can eeeey be removed should cteaneig be neceeaery The cooler should be fitted into the engine water circuit between the bottom tank of the radiator and the water inlet connection on the engine as Jlustrated on page 3, the radii of the water...

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Tvpical aiamplai ol oil cool*'* tilted to torque converter tranamiiuona w>th an oil MM temperature ol 110"C and • wale* inlet temperature of B0°C E> em plat lyplquas <M refroidnseuri a hmia m on tee lur tranamisaion* a converliueur da coup** avac una temperature d'amra* d'hutte da 1 Mr C at una temperature d'entree d'aau da B0"C Verwendunflibeiapiele >u> OlfcUMer an' Drefcmomentwendla'Getnebe bm 1WC Oleinleattemporatur imd M"C Application! rjplche del reftreddatorl datfolto m on tell au treemiaeioni a variotora d) coppia con una tamperatura d'aniraia da*'olio dl II0"C ad una tamperatura d'entrata...

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Vo- <*g* 11 poui etcMi d autiM »«eco«U d'Nu

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Aire Co-^r"txxn Voir papa 11 pout cho" <rauiia* r*etc-in daau Arata>a Waaaatanacnlutavowi lindan Si *i( Sent* V Pat -accor* dt dimanuom alternative, vac* a pagme 11

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Miiinum working o>i preuure ?S t>*< Maunum working watc preuur* J bf Manmum working l*mp*catur« 1S0*< *ew>on effective d'hwilt mu ."■ bar

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lot i tr-riairf ttrr o» Main coon««iorn *cr paur 11 Vo» paoa II pout ehoi. (TautrM nceoxlt d m ■ h .I .'. i i' i' untiuqinwn find*** SHI aul Sail* 11 P» lacconk * dmanaion) «*le"aiiv« «od. ■ pagina 11

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PIECES OE REFROIDISSEURS O'HUILE PARTICOLARI DEL RAFFREDDATORE OLIO lufw Stack E.J. Bowman Birmingham Ltd, reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.

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Removal of the screws around the periphery each end will allow the end covers and the seals lo be removed. Following this operation the tube stack can be withdrawn Irom either end ol the body. When assembling the oil cooler, new '0' seals should be fitted and the end screws must be tightened to the torque settings given on the drawings. L'enlevement des boulons de fixation a la peripherie des couvercles d'extremite permet la depose de ces demiers et des joints. On peut alors retirer le faisceau de tubes par I'un ou lautre bout du corps du LOTS du montage du refroidisseur, on posera des joints...

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