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TEST HOUSE HEAT EXCHANGERS Copper free plate heat exchangers Designed specifically for use with ethanol based fuels BS EN ISO 9001-2000 Reg. No. FM38224

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Stainless steel plate heat exchangers The problem... Plate heat exchangers have become the ‘industry standard’ for cooling or heating fuel on automotive test bed engines – and Bowman products are some of the most widely used, proven and trusted on the market. In recent times, the introduction of ethanol into fuels has made new demands on these stainless steel heat exchangers. Traditionally they are brazed with copper materials and the problem is that ethanol in fuels attacks copper. Using ethanol in fuels, even in modest amounts, can cause copper to be leached into the fuel and deposited in the...

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Test cell cooling solutions The widest range, available from stock, from the leading brand in heat transfer technology. Bowman provide arguably the most comprehensive range of heat exchangers for engine test cell applications currently available. All products are available fast, with ex-stock delivery on virtually every standard product in the range. Bowman are renowned for quality and durability, so its easy to see why many OEM’s already rely on Bowman products for test cell cooling solutions. The comprehensive ranges includes: Engine, Gearbox & Lube Oil Coolers Exhaust Gas Heat Exchangers Fuel...

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