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Catalogue excerpts

Charge Air Coolers Ladeluftkühler Refroidisseurs d’air de suralimentation

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Charge Air Coolers Bowman charge air heat exchangers are ideal for cooling marine engines as well as various land based engines such as gensets, co-generation equipment and fire pumps. They are also suitable for facilitating engine test and development programs. Additional charge air coolers designed for specific engines are also available; please see the website or contact the sales department for further information. Standard range for engines up to 800kW. Improve fuel efficiency and enhance engine performance by cooling turbo charged air. Readily available from stock through our global network...

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Installation Drawings / Installationszeichnungen / Les plans d’installation EC140-4218-4 / FC100-4074-2 / FG100-4075-2 / GL140-4076-2 / GK190-4877-3 A B Part No. Teilenummer Modèle M12 x 24 4 x mounting holes M16 x 24 deep 4 x mounting holes M16 x 25 deep Maximum Air Inlet temperature 250°C. For higher charge air temperatures please contact Bowman. Maximale Lufteintrittstemperatur 250°C. Bei höheren Ladelufttemperaturen kontaktieren Sie bitte Bowman. Température d’entrée d’air maxima 250°C. Pour des températures d'air de suralimentation plus hautes, veuillez nous contacter. Bowman charge air coolers...

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