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Wind Power Industry

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DOPAG · WIND POWER INDUSTRY · 03 We understand the challenge Sturdy quality for extreme conditions At rotor speeds of up to 400 km/h, even rain drops can be a threat. With innovative solutions, we help to ensure that everything runs smoothly – even under extreme conditions. The wind power industry is a steadily growing market with great potential for plant manufacturers and rotor blade producers. Besides the growing needs of onshore wind power plants, especially the offshore industry rejoices in a strong demand. For instance, off the coasts of Northern Europe, large offshore wind farms are...

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04 · DOPAG · WIND POWER INDUSTRY Trends in rotor blade production The development in the past years has shown that the blades of wind turbines reach new dimensions due to the requested output. With the aid of carbon fibre preforms combined with the usual glass-fibre reinforced materials, blade lengths of more than 80 meters can be achieved today. The risen demand of reinforcing fibre layers leads to an increase of the mold cycles and of the tonnage for infusion and adhesive resins as well as coating materials. This means that the systems used to supply mixed materials as well must be able...

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DOPAG · WIND POWER INDUSTRY · 07 To make everything run smoothly DOPAG solutions for the production of rotor blades As leading manufacturer of metering and mixing systems for the wind power industry, DOPAG provides the comprehensive portfolio needed for the various applications for the production of rotor blades. The DOPAG offer comprises infusion systems with flow rates of more than 60l/min and adhesive-resin systems being able to process masses of more than 30kg per minute. This ensures minimum mold cycle times. Due to the high resin consumption of the infusion process and to the high...

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A rotor blade is produced Use of metering and mixing technology by DOPAG During operation, rotor blades are exposed to extreme stress, so even the smallest production faults can have severe impacts. In general, rotor blades consist of glass-fibre reinforced plastics and reinforcement materials such as Balsa or foamed materials that transfer the shear stress. The production process begins with the manufacture of the upper and lower shells. As the first layer, a gel coat is applied using the gelcomix metering system to give the component a high-quality surface finish. Afterwards, dry fibre...

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10 • DOPAG ■ WIND POWER INDUSTRY Our products for the production of rotor blades 10 • DOPAG ■ WIND POWER INDUSTRY

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DOPAG · WIND POWER INDUSTRY · 11 The share of wind power in the generation of electrical energy will further increase in the years to come. Effective power generation, however, is only possible if a long life of the systems can be combined with maximum performance. This requires threshold parameters for the production to be strictly observed. Demands on automated metering and mixing systems for the production of rotor blades: ЇЇ Precise maintenance of the specified mixing ratios High flexibility in terms of the flow rate Fast reaching of the working point For the three basic production...

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12 · DOPAG · WIND POWER INDUSTRY A deviation of less than 1% of the mixing ratio can not only be achieved with the compomix I, but the output rate can also be modified during production. Depending on the system configuration, magnetically-coupled, leakage-free axial piston pumps are used, which due to the principle of construction present no internal leakage during changes in rotational speed. Additionally, they are hermetically sealed at the drive end which is important when feeding hygroscopic hardeners. The metering system range for the processing of unfilled infusion resins combines...

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DOPAG · WIND POWER INDUSTRY · 13 The reliability of the bonding of both halves of the rotor blades is a fundamental aspect of the performance of a rotor blade. With the gluemix the highly viscous glue is processed via high precision gear metering pumps. The material feed from the 200 l original drums is realised with eccentric screw pumps mounted on follower plates. The pumps are equipped with special sealing systems and additional wear protection. This allows the processing of glass-fiber filled adhesives. 2K system Control cabinet and material pressure vessel mounted onto a completely...

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14 · DOPAG · WIND POWER INDUSTRY The gelcomix has been especially developed for processing highly thixotropic materials onto the untreated surfaces of rotor blades. Output rates of up to 5 l/min can be achieved with gear metering pumps, which are also suitable for abrasive fillers. Magnetically coupled axial piston pumps are used for the B component. The material is supplied from material pressure vessels that are installed on the chassis of this mobile system. With gelcomix technology, materials with viscosities of up to the flow limit can not only be applied but the mixing ratios are also...

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DOPAG is one of the leading manufacturers of metering and mixing technology. In numerous industries, DOPAG systems and components are used for processing and application of multi-component polymers or 1-component media such as adhesives, greases and oils. The company employs more than 300 people and is represented in more than 30 countries by its subsidiaries and distributors. DOPAG is a member of the HILGER & KERN GROUP that has been a reliable supplier and service partner for industrial enterprises across various market segments for more than 85 years. 'iHilHIHIH .:"i...

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