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ca Digital management with up to date RISC microcontroller ca 4 Charging programmes including one for Lithium-Ion-Iron-Phosphate oa Charging programme selection by internal dip switch oa Automatic weekly Equalisation for all charging programmes oa New robust and compact casing oa Thanks to the Winsta (Wago) and Phoenix contact connectors wiring & connection is easy - user friendly. oa Night mode (Silent - without fan) - 25A & 40A only. oa Automatic 115/230V switchover - 25A & 40A only. ca 3 completely isolated battery outputs

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Input Voltage Automatic Switchover Number of charging curves Charging curve Weekly equalisation Voltage share 4 programmes, position selected by DIP Switch NEW - One of which is LiFeS04 with integrated BMS lUUo + weekly automatic equalisation Automotive (mini) Automotive (mini) Automotive (mini) Automotive (mini) In case of output overload Excessive internal temperature Charging voltage too high Reverse battery polarity (fuse) Night / Silent mode Operating temperature Storage temperature Dimensions (DxWxHmm) Input terminals Battery terminals Powder coated aluminium Powder coated aluminium

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