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Catalogue excerpts


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20 YEARS OF EXPERTISE IN POWER ELECTRONIC In France, we are leading actor on the power electronics segment with Cats Power Design. The company designs electronic systems on specifications. All products are made in France. 3 years warranty - 5 years on Dolphin Premium Project management organization according to ISO 9001 around the following key functions : Business engineer Project manager Through its productions in France and «low cost» area, we manufactures its developments at optimized costs. Member of EIGHT LAKES since 2015. International group specialized in electronics and mechatronics business Hardware...

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DOLPHIN AUTOMATIC CHARGE SELECTOR ACS 12 VOLTS 50 AMP Smart Voltage Sensing Relay Current Limit Function One way operating “blocking diode function” No solid state relay Mosfet technology with microprocessor control Perfect for outboard engine Pulsed charge feature Very low leakage current (< 5mA) Manual override Multi-colour LED control ACS 12/50 Specifications System Voltage Current 12 Volts 50 Amp Continous 120 Amp Peak 399250 Voltage Operation Engages : BAT_IN > 13,0 Volts during 90 seconds or BAT_IN > 13,6 Volts during 30 seconds And BAT_OUT < 10,5 Volts Disengages: BAT_IN < 12,4 Volts during...

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DOLPHIN COMBI (INVERTER/CHARGER) True sinewave AC output Robust industrial design High surge power output Powerful 4-stage two output battery charger 3 charging setting available (Flooded, GEL, AGM) Power factor corrected AC input Ultra Fast 30A AC transfer switch AC Input Power Boost / AC Input Current Limit Protected against high/low battery voltage, high temperature, overload, short circuit, high ripple volatge and low AC input voltage Automatic Standby function to reduce no-load power consumption Variable speed fan for silent operation Remote on/off capability Two Configurable alarm 250v/16A...

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NEW DOLPHIN COMBI SW 12 / 1600 General Display Operating temperature Storage temperature Humidity IP Ventilation Marking Safety EMC Housing Mounting Dimensions D x W x H (mm) Weight AC Connection DC Terminal Output alarm contact Optional connections External DIGITAL control panel CAN Bus connection Code Multi LED display with status & alarme information -20°C to +50°C -40°C to +80°C 10% to 95% (without condesation) IP21 Force fan adjustable speed cooling CE Marked meeting EMC directive 2004/108/EC and LVD 2006/95/EC EN 60335-1 EN 55016, IEC 61000 White Powder coating aluminium Wall mounted 4 x...

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Dolphin - premium PLUG AND PLAY BATTERY CHARGER ■ New robust and compact casing ■ 3 completely isolated battery outputs ■ Easy wiring and connection thanks to the Winsta (Wago) and Phoenix contact connectors ■ Digital management with up to date microcontroller ■ 4 charging programs including one for lithium-ion-iron-phosphate with integrated BMS ■ Full power at temperatures up to 50°C ■ Automatic weekly equalisation for all charging programs ■ Automatic 115/230V switchover (12V 25A, 12V 40A & 24V 20A only) ■ Night mode : silent - without fan (12V 25A, 12V 40A & 24V 20A only) ■ Conformal coating...

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Input Voltage Number of charging curves Charging curve Weekly equalisation Voltage share Fuse (automotive mini) Night/Silent mode Operating temperature Storage temperature Input terminals Battery terminal 3 isolated outputs 4 programs, position selected by dip switch NEW - one of which is LiFeSO4 with integrated BMS IUUo + weekly automatic equalisation Automatic +/-2% < 1% pp (BW < 20MHz) F15A 32V F20A 32V    2 x F15A 32V    2 x F25A 32V    3 x F25A 32V    2 x F15A 32V In case of output overload, Excessive internal temperature Charging voltage too high, Reverse battery polarity (fuse) Tricolour...

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ALL-IN-ONE AC DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM & BATTERY CHARGER OPERATING MODES Circuit diagram Cost effective All in One concept Includes AC protection, two 10 amps AC circuit breakers and a smart 12 volts DOLPHIN PREMIUM battery charger Main connector Main breaker Battery connector Ensures AC safety : RCD (Residual Current Circuit Breaker), Double Pole Main Breaker and 2 x single pole breakers The internal charger is similar to either the 25 or 40A DOLPHIN PREMIUM unit DC and AC connectors have been carefully designed to meet the highest quality and safety standard Conformal coating of PCB to prolong the...

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Voltage Frequency Number of outputs Charging programs Charge selector Voltage tolerance Ripple Max. current DC fuse

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CHARGE DC BATTERY FROM ANOTHER When there is a requirement to charge one DC battery from another the DOLPHIN DC/DC BOOSTER provide excellent performance It can be named as DC-DC intelligent battery charger, DC-DC Booster charger, DC-DC isolated power booster, isolated switch mode power conditioner Product range : 12 volts & 24 volts charging at 30 amp and 24 volts & 24 volts charging at 30 amp Galvanic isolated means you can connect to any loads without interruption from the input to the output Typical application : charge an auxiliary battery from a single battery bank, commercial and leisure...

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Input Input Voltage Output Number of outputs Battery voltage Battery capacity Output voltage Max. Current Number of charging curves 30A +/-5% 4 programs, position selected by dip switch Lead Acid, AGM, Gel, LiFeSO4 Charging curve Protection In case of output overload Excessive internal temperature Reverse battery polarity (fuse) General Display Operating temperature Storage temperature Weight Input connection Battery connection Option Can Bus connection with Touchview or Navicolor RJ11 and/or Micro-Fit connection Code

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□oLphin-    proROBUST AND POWERFUL MARINE BATTERY CHARGER ■ Can operate up to 65°C without D rating ■ Internal diode isolator without voltage drop ■ User friendly design: a solid casing in aluminium, mounting by 4 easily accessible screws ■ A front cover allowing easy access to the charge selector and the wiring connections (4 solid M8 terminals for the battery outputs) ■ A cable gland for the input cable and a cable grommet with a waterproof seal ■ Integrated Control Panel : LED display indicating the charging curve (boost, absorbsion, floating), as well as anomolies and faults (temperature,...

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