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Catalogue excerpts


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why choose a dolphin charger ? Since their launch in 1995, Dolphin Battery Chargers have consistently proven themselves market leaders. Dolphin 1 - 1995 to 2001 - was technologically advanced for its time. When Dolphin 2 was launched in 2001, an emphasis was placed on the design of the product. Dolphin Premium since 2011 and Dolphin Pro since 2012, are products without compromise. Together with Reya, Dolphin Battery chargers are developed and manufactured by MDP Electronic, a French leader in power electronic. Part of the production process is subcontracted to cost efficient countries thus ensuring...

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how to choose the right dolphin charger for your boat ? 12V Dolphin Premium Super Yachting We recommend a charging rate to a maximum of 20% of the amp hour capacity of the battery. Example : the charger or a 300Ah battery is maximum 60 amps.

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Plug and Play battery charger New robust and compact casing 3 completely isolated battery outputs User friendly, thanks to the Winsta (Wago) and Phoenix contact connectors wiring & connection is easy Digital management with up to date RISC microcontroller 4 charging programs including one for Lithium-Ion-Iron-Phosphate with integrated BMS Charging program selection by internal dip switch Automatic weekly equalization for all charging programs Automatic 115/230V switchover (12V25A, 12V40A & 24V20A only) Night mode : silent, without fan (12V25A, 12V40A & 24V20A only)

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Input Input Voltage Output Number of outputs 3 isolated outputs "4 programs, position selected by dip switch NEW - one of which is LiFeSO4 with integrated BMS" Number of charging curves Charging curve IUUo + weekly automatic equalisation Weekly equalisation Voltage share Ripple Fuse (automotive mini) Protection "In case of output overload, Excessive internal temperature Charging voltage too high, Reverse battery polarity (fuse)" General Display Night/Silent mode Operating temperature Storage temperature Powder coating aluminium Weight Input terminals Battery terminal

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robust and powerful marine battery charger Can operate up to 65°C without D rating Evolution of the Dolphin 2 range : the Dolphin Pro has an internal low voltage drop isolator User friendly design: a solid and compact casing in aluminium, mounting by 4 easily accessible screws, a front cover allowing easy access to the charge selector and the wiring connections (4 solid M8 terminals for the battery outputs), a cable gland for the input cable and a cable grommet with a waterproof seal Integrated Control Panel : LED display indicating the charging curve; boost, absorbsion, floating as well as anomolies...

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Input "115V/ 230V (+/-15%) Automatic Switchover" Input Voltage Frequency Cos Efficiency Max. Current 115V/230V Fuse (5x20mm) Output Number of outputs "9 programs, position selected by dip switch 00-Liquid Lead Acid batteries (open) 01-Sealed Lead batteries 02-Lead Calcium batteries 03-""Delphi"" batteries 04-""Optima/Maxima"" batteries 05-Winterizing 06-Batteries Gel&AGM 07-Power supply 08-LiFeSo4 batteries" Number of charging curves Charging curve Voltage share Fuse (automotive mini) Protection "In case of output overload, Excessive internal temperature, Charging voltage too high Reverse battery...

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Lightweight and compact battery charger Latest SMD electronic construction technology Switch mode technology and three stage charging design with power supply Program selector switch including winterizing and 6 battery types LED display for programming and monitoring functions Lightweight white aluminium powder coated casing 4 screw simple install with easy access removable panel Temperature sensor for battery compensation Display unit Description "Remote control panel for Dolphin battery chargers 5m cable as standard"

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Input Input Voltage Power factor Efficiency Power rating Active Power Output Number of outputs Charging characteristic Temp. Compensation ± 15mV / °C optional external sensor Voltage share Maximum current Fuses Protection Output circuit Overload, Short-circuit, reversed polarity, over voltage Over temperature Built in sensor, battery sensor General failure Remote control panel Push button General Control Microprocessor based RISC technology Forward 50 KHz + built-in PFC Emission : EN 50081-1, immunity : EN 50082-1 Operating temperature Storage temperature 50% to 100% depending on internal temperature Wall...

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Input Input Voltage Efficiency Max. Current 115V/230V Max. Power rating Active Power Fuse Output Number of outputs Charging current Charging characteristic Voltage share Protection Short circuit fault In case of output overload - Output short-circuit Temperature fault Excessive internal or battery temperature (optional) Reverse polarity Faulty external temperature (optional) General failure Output over voltage - General fault Remote control panel Push button General Control Microprocessor based RISC technology Operating temperature Storage temperature 50% to 100% depending on internal temperature Monting...

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dolphin inverter sine wave 24 v 3000 w Pure Sine Wave Input / Battery This pure sine wave inverter guarantees a safe, pure and stable power supply that will not damage AC appliances. Batteyr capacity (min) Efficiency Up to three Dolphin Inverters can be used in parallel to provide a powerful onboard appliance and connected by means of a SubD cable. One of the inverters will act as the master and the other charger(s) as slave(s) giving upto 24v 9000VA. Battery safety Battery voltage Nominal consumption Standby consumption The Dolphin Inverter is designed to operate with battery voltage between...

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battery charger and electrical cabinet The All in One unit combines an AC distribution system with a 12V switch mode battery charger, all in the same compact box. AC circuit protection is by means of a 30 mA, 16 amp R.C.C.B. unit. Two AC loads can be connected, each with its own 10 amp double pole circuit breaker. The battery charging function is identical to that of the standard Dolphin Battery Charger. The “All-in-One” units are available in 2 different models,15amp or 20amp. Both have 3 outlets to provide charging for 3 separate banks if required. ISO 13297 electrical systems alternating current...

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