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Delta Kayaks is the culmination of over 35 years of thermoforming expertise and advanced paddlesport knowledge. From the outset, our focus has simply been to build the best T he p e r fe c t c hoic e fo r novic e paddle rs , angle rs o r Experience the DELTA DIFFERENCe thermoformed kayaks we can, right here in North America. photographers looking for a lightweight kayak with ample storage options, ease of entry and great performance. Enjoy Through innovation and design we have created a complete superior tracking, effortless glide and exceptional stability line of outstanding kayaks that will appeal to paddling enthusiasts of every level. From the brilliant shine of our offered by our category specific Fusion Hull and Hybrid-Cat kayaks' finish to the innovative deck and cockpit outfitting, hull designs. Available in sit-in and sit-on-top models. our commitment to quality and value is evident in every kayak we build. Whether you're new to the sport or a seasoned paddler, you can discover the Delta Difference. Personalizing your fit and comfort is simple with our feature rich, multi-position Contour II Seat System. Its ergonomic design provides optimum support with channel-vented foam The ideal choice for paddlers looking for better performance cushioning for excellent drainage and air flow. All Contour II handling while maintaining excellent stability. A full part of our philosophy. Every Delta Kayak is made from materials on the adventures ahead of you instead of the seat beneath you. capacity for overnight or weekend trips, they offer responsive Having consideration for the environment is an important seat adjustments are easy to make on the fly so you can focus in a smaller, lightweight design. With plenty of storage and construction methods that tread lightly on our planet. complement of deck rigging and outfitting features make 1. Hi-Low Backrest Adjustment 2. Multi-Position Seat Adjustment these models the “compact sea kayaks” of the Delta fleet. 3. Contour Fit Kit Ready 4. Channel Venting 5. Core Drainage The materials we use are safe to manufacture and are completely recyclable. 100% of our scrap material is collected and repurposed so there is no waste. paddlers for their outstanding versatility, massive storage capacity and predictable performance. The hulls feature an These comfortable cruisers are loved by novice to advanced extended waterline and moderate v-shape for an impressive combination of speed and stability, giving you confidence in | ADVANCED THERMOFORM CONSTRUCTION Delta Kayaks are moulded from highly specialized thermo- These exceptional kayaks are all about balanced performance. Whether you're eating up the miles on a long trek or playing ultimate protection against fading and weathering for many years of virtually maintenance-free use. 1. Solarkote™ Exterior Layer: Outstanding abrasion and UV resistance for long lasting vibrant colours and a high lustre, in the surf, they do it with precision and grace. A shallow plastic materials. This lightweight material provides the N E W F O R 2 0 17 ‘V-shaped’ hull, moderate rocker and finely tuned chines 2. ABS Secondary Layer: Provides high impact resistance, come together to make these outstanding boats shine. Cover Photo: Brian Knight rigidity and a smooth interior finish. NORTH AMERICA

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DELTA 15.5gt DELTA TRAVERSE 17.5t | SPECIFICATIONS    LEGEND: AR | ADVENTURE REC LT | LIGHT TOURING TR | TOURING PT | PERFORMANCE TOURING GENUINE DELTA ACCESSORIES We've designed a full complement of genuine accessories to bolster the experience that comes with owning a Delta Kayak. Whether you're looking to keep yourself dry with the addition of a spray skirt or need a cockpit cover to keep your kayak clean and adventure-ready, we've got something for every model of kayak we make. To see all our accessories and to learn more, visit deltakayaks.com DELTA DELUXE NEO/NYLON SKIRT (REG)

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