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POLTIX SPUIT PLAMUUR DESCRIPTION Poltix Spuitplamuur (Spray filler) is a polyester filler based on a unsaturated, semi-flexible polyester resin, suitable for application by spray. PRINCIPAL CHARACTERISTICS • Suitable as finishing filler for polyester surfac; • Especially suitable as finishing filler for polyester, wood or steel models and moulds; • May be recoated with Double Coat without the use of primers; • Excellent filling properties, very smooth finish; • Excellent adhesion to wood, steel or polyester surfaces; • Very good sanding properties, both wet or dry; • Larger irregularities should first be filled with Poltix Vezelplamuur and/or Poltix Superplamuur. COLOURS AND GLOSS Grey – Flat BASIS PROPERTIES (AT Density Solid content Recommended d.f.t. Dust dry after Sanding after Full cure after Recoating interval 20˚C AND 50% R.H.) : approx. 1,5 g/cm3 : approx. 70 % (volume) : 350 – 450 µm (dry), depending on application : approx. 40 minutes : approx. 3 hours : approx. 90 minutes : min. 8 hours max. unlimited, provided free from contamination Shelf life : separate components, stored cool and dry in original packaging, at least 6 months Flash point (DIN53213) : base component 14 ºC hardener 65 ºC (cyclohexanon peroxide) SPREADING RATE at 350 µm (d.f.t.) : approx. 2,0 m2/l at 450 µm (d.f.t.) : approx. 1,6 m2/l The practical spreading rate depends on a number of variables, such as: shape and size of object to be painted, the condition and profile of the substrate, the method of application, environmental conditions and skill of labour. SUBSTRATE CONDITION AND TEMPERATURE Steel : dry and free from rust, oil, grease, contamination, old paint layers and loose particles, sanded with grit paper P80 and degreased with Double Coat Ontvetter; Reinforced polyester : dry and free from oil, grease, contamination, old paint layers and loose particles, sanded with grit paper P120 and degreased with Double Coat Ontvetter; Wood : clean and dry, in good condition, free from any contamination and loose particles, preferably sanded with grit paper P120; Polyester fillers : (E.g. Poltix Vezelplamuur, Poltix Superplamuur or IJmofix) dry and free from oil, grease, contamination, old paint layers and loose particles, dry sanded with grit paper P220-280 and degreased with Double Coat Degreaser; During application and curing a minimum temperature of 15 oC is allowed. The temperature of the substrate should be minimum

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POLTIX SPUIT PLAMUUR INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Before use, mix base and hardener components thoroughly. Mixing ratio : 100 base : 2 hardener (parts by weight) Do not prepare more material than can be applied within the potlife of the mixture. Induction time Pot life Application with Type of thinner % of thinner Nozzle orifice Nozzle pressure Cleaning with None 15 minutes at 25 ºC 30 minutes at 20 ºC 40 minutes at 15 ºC Airspray Ethylacetate 0–5% 2-3 mm 2 – 3 bar Double Coat Spuitverdunner, Ethylacetate Apply Poltix Spuitplamuur preferably using conventional spray equipment. ADDITIONAL...

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POLTIX SPUIT PLAMUUR SAFETY INFORMATION This product contains solvents. Take all necessary safety measurements when using this product and arrange proper ventilation and safety equipment for all personnel. For details on safety and health see our material safety data sheet. Date: September ’14 280-00000 Disclaimer Although the information and recommendations are presented in good faith and believed to be correct at date of issue, De IJssel Coatings B.V. makes no representations as of the completeness or accuracy thereof. In no event De IJssel Coatings B.V. will be responsible for damages of...

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