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DESCRIPTION IJmopox HB coating is a high solid two component buildcoat for general purposes based on epoxy resins and a polyamide hardener. PRINCIPAL CHARACTERISTICS • High solid; • Contains zinc phosphate as corrosion inhibitor; • Recommended in paint systems for the protection of steel, aluminium, wood, GRP, etc.; • Suitable as barrier coat in osmosis prevention or osmosis repair systems for GRP; • Offers protection against corrosion (steel) and osmosis (GRP); • Will chalk under atmospheric exposure conditions, but may be recoated with both two component or conventional coatings, even after a long weathering interval; • Excellent mechanical properties; • Application and curing at temperatures as low as 5 ˚C and relative humidifies as high as 80%; • Excellent resistance to various chemicals and (sea) water; • Easy to apply by brush or spray. For sufficient protections when applied by brush 4 to 5 layers are recommended COLOURS AND GLOSS White (RAL 9016), Grey (RAL 7001) and Black (RAL 9005), other colours on request - Eggshell BASIS PROPERTIES (AT Density Solid content Recommended d.f.t. Dust dry after Full cure after Recoating interval 23˚C AND 50% R.H.) : approx. 1,4 g/cm3 (mixed product) : approx. 70 % (volume) : 50 - 150 µm (depending on application), see additional information : approx. 2 hours : approx. 5 days, see additional information : min. 8 hours, see additional information max. unlimited, provided clean and dry Shelf life : separate components, stored cool and dry in original packaging, minimum 12 months Flash point (DIN53213) : base component 25 ºC hardener 30 ºC SPREADING RATE At 50 µm (d.f.t.) : 14,0 m2/l At 100 µm (d.f.t.) : 7,0 m2/l At 150 µm (d.f.t.) : 4,7 m2/l The practical spreading rate depends on a number of variables, such as: shape and size of object to be painted, the condition and profile of the substrate, the method of application, climatologic conditions and skill of labour. SUBSTRATE CONDITION AND TEMPERATURE Steel : preferably grit blasted to ISO Sa 2½ or powertool cleaned to ISO St 3 (grit paper P24-36), primed with IJmopox ZF primer; Aluminium : sanded wit grit paper P60, primed with IJmopox ZF primer; Wood : moisture content maximum 12%, sanded with grit paper P120-180, primed with Variopox Injection resin; Reinforced polyester : dry, sanded with grit paper P120-180 and degreased with Double Coat Degreaser; Previous coatings : two component coatings, clean and dry, in good condition, free from any contamination and loose particles, sanded with grit paper P120 – 180. IJmopox HB coating is not compatible

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Other substrates clean and dry, in good condition, free from any contamination and loose particles, primed with IJmopox ZF primer or Variopox Injection resin. During application and curing a minimum temperature of 5 ºC is allowed. The temperature of the substrate should be minimum 3 ºC above dew point. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Before use, mix base and hardener components thoroughly. Mixing ratio : 83,0 base : 17,0 hardener (by weight) 75,0 base : 25,0 hardener (by volume) Do not prepare more material than can be applied within the pot life of the mixture. Induction time Application with Type...

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add 5 to 10% IJmopox thinner to improve levelling. IJmopox HB coating may be applied best using felt rollers. • Application of IJmopox HB coating by airless spray • IJmopox HB coating can be applied without adding additional solvent using a Wagner Cobra 40/10. • Use a material pressure of 5 Bar (200 Bar with a pump ratio of 40:1). • Use a nozzle of 0,013 inch with angle 40 or 60o. Application of IJmopox HB coating by airmix or aircoat system • IJmopox HB coating can be applied after adding approx. 10% IJmopox thinner to a viscosity of approx. 110 s DIN 4. • Good results are obtained using a...

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