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DESCRIPTION Balsaplast is a bonding paste based on a pre-accelerated isophtalic unsaturated polyester resin. PRINCIPAL CHARACTERISTICS Thixotropic; Rapid curing; Very low shrinkage; Semi-flexible; Adhesive suitable for bonding balsa wood, polyurethane foam or PVC foam to glass fibre reinforced polyester laminates; Adhesive suitable for bonding glass fibre reinforced polyester laminates, glass fibre side to glass fibre side or gelcoat side to gelcoat side. COLOURS AND GLOSS Transparent BASIS PROPERTIES (AT Density Solid content Recommended d.f.t. Full cure after Recoating interval 20˚C AND 50% R.H.) : approx. 1,3 g/cm3 : approx. 100 % (volume) : depending on application : 3 hours : min. 24 hours max. no limit, provided free from any contamination H.D.T (DIN53458) : approx. 70 ºC Shelf life : separate components, stored cool and dry in original packaging, at least 6 months Flashpoint (DIN53213) : base component 34 ºC hardener component 52 ºC (MEK peroxide) SPREADING RATE Depending on application : approx 0,8 – 3,3 m2/kg (1,0 – 4,0 m2/l) The practical spreading rate depends on a number of variables, such as: shape and size of object to be painted, the condition and profile of the substrate, the method of application, environmental conditions and skill of labour. SUBSTRATE CONDITION AND TEMPERATURE All surfaces : in good condition, clean and dry, free from any contamination, loose particles and other foreign matter, grit sanded with P120, see additional information. During application and curing a minimum temperature of 15 oC is allowed. The temperature of the substrate should be minimum 3 oC above dew point. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Before use mix base and hardener thoroughly. Mixing ratio : 100 base : 2 hardener (parts by weight) Do not prepare more material than can be applied within the pot life of the mixture. Induction time Pot life None 30 minutes at 25 oC 45 minutes at 20 oC 60 minutes at 15 oC

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Application with Type of thinner % of thinner Nozzle orifice Nozzle pressure Cleaning with : Putty knife, spatula n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a. Double Coat Degreaser, Ethylacetate or Acetone ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Application of Balsaplast The surfaces should be free from any contamination and should not be coated with paraffin containing resins or topcoats. All organic coating such as epoxy, polyurethane or alkyd paints should be removed completely. Aged or weathered laminates should preferably cleaned with Double Coat Degreaser and grit sanded with P120. Paraffin containing surfaces should be...

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