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DM Brochure
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Catalog excerpts

We Maire +*ie world tari.' Dragon Marine Trainingboats / Optimists & Parts / O'pen Bic / Sportboats / Kayaks & Parts / Fishing Boats / Inflatables / Rafts / Folding bikes / Accessories / Yachting Ropes Dragon Marine We Maire the worW sail!

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CONTENTS Introduction Dragon Marine BV is specialized in the production of Optimists, sailing dinghies and watersports equipment, as well as semi and professional inatable boats, rafts and ribs. Our production is located in our factories in several countries. We make top quality regatta boats and training boats of Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP) and PE. Our quality starts at the design of the boat: safe to sail and safe to handle by young people. Our boats sail all over the world. The boats are preferred by top sailing schools in the world and we support our own Dragon Marine Sailing Teams....

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REGATTA OPTIMISTS &TRAINING DINGHIES Dragon Marine Sailing Dinghies Regatta Optimists DM produces topquality Regatta Optimists for young and ambitious sailers all over the world. Our Red Dragon is well known at professional sailing schools and clubs world wide. The DM Gold Dragon is the most sold top regatta boat of the range. It has a superb performance and is developed for high demanding and ambitious sailers. It is the ultimate racing machine. Training Dinghies The Blue Dragon is the best sold training dinghy in the world. It is made of PE and seen as the top training dinghy for professional...

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Training dinghies Blue Dragon The Blue Dragon is the best sold training dinghy in the world. It is made of PE and seen as the top training dinghy for professional sailing schools and clubs. • Polyethylene sailing dinghy • Unsinkable & self draining • Superior strength and durability • 3-Year warranty on Trilam® hull • Developed for professional sailing schools and clubs Trilam® 3-year Hull Warranty PE colored outer Layer PE Foam Layer PE inner Layer Blue Dragon PE Training Dinghy - ready to sail 6 Dragon Marine 10499 Dragon Marine 7

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Superb training dinghies for sailing The White Dragon is a grp training boat, developed by and for sailing schools and associations. Special attention has been paid to construction, stability and sailing characteristics. The hull shape Is identical to that of competition boats. Extra reinforcements have been added to the bow construction, mast foot, and rudder suspension, A heavy duty pvc fender profile has been fitted around the boat. The White Dragon Plus has an extra spacy cockpit for easy sitting. Buoyancy is guaranteed by airbags WHITE DRAGON READY FOR SAIL • White Dragon Hull 37 kg • Mainsheet,...

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1. Córner protection strips Sleeve sail. Protects your head against boom collisions Under cover for optimists. Padded bag for mast, boom and sprit. Padded bag for rudder and dagger board 13. Marine plywood Foil set 15. DM Mahogany plywood Foil set 16. DM Pro foam epoxy regatta Foil set

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Regatta optimists Gold Dragon Ultimate Racing Machine The Gold Dragon is a competition optimist, built according to IODA requirements. Being successfull at national and International levels, the Gold Dragon is a formidable competition boat of the highest level, aforce to be reckoned with! The Gold Dragon has biaxlale rovlngs, giving it an enormous rigidity. Thanks to this, the sailing performances and results are unsurpassed The Gold Dragon can be delivered at three different specification levels, all with the IODA certificate. Gold Dragon Hull • Gold Dragon Hull • Padded toestraps • Non skid...

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MAGIC MARINE CLOTHING 14 Dragon Marine Dragon Marine 15

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Magie Marine clothing REGATTA BREATHABLE DRYSUIT with socks BACK ZIP Sizes: XS-S-M-L-XL-XXL • Fully waterproof & breathable OS3 nylon • Métairie GlldeSkIn neck • TIZIP Dry zipper on back side • Reinforced knees and seatpart • Nylon covered, waterproof Latex socks • Stitched & Taped waterproof seams • Nylon covered metallte GlldeSkIn wrlstseals • Velcro adjustable waist straps • Fitted shape REGATTA BREATHABLE DRYSUIT with socks FRONT ZIP Sizes: XS-S-M-L-XL-XXL, 15001.090020, Junior Sizes: 140-152-164 • Fully waterproof & breathable OS3 nylon • Metallte GlldeSkIn neck • Junior sizes...

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Magie Marine clothing Men Sizes: S-M-L-XL-XXL, Junior 15001.086355, Junior Sizes: S-M-L-XL, Colours: Blue and White • Flatlock stitch technology • High collar • Slim fit • Long arms Men Sizes: S-M-L-XL-XXL, Junior 15001.080240, Junior Sizes: S-M-L-XL, Colours: Blue/White • Flatlock stitch technology • High collar • Slim fit • Short arms LYCRA PANT Sizes: S-M-L-XL, Colours: White and Black • Heavy duty durable SpanFlex LYCRA PANT LONG Sizes: S-M-L-XL, Colours: White and Black • Heavy duty durable SpanFlex • Slim fit • Lightweight • Long Legs Hiking Zipper Boot • 5mm DuraFlex neoprene...

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FOLBItfû BIKES Fast and convenient and perfect for quick errands around town, a jaunt to the nearest café, or a leisurely ride In the park. The emphasis is on comfort and Dragon Marine Folding Bikes fold fast and fold small, perfect If you live in an apartment or commute to work. Or when you spend a lot of time on your yacht. Easy to stow away after a sporty ride to town 7000-series aluminum frame with Dahon patent Re-bar Technology folding system and patented quick release locking system Dahon patent steel adjustable rise T-bar handlebars with mounted alloy bell 170 mm Suglno cold-forged alloy...

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DM INFLATABLES Strong, multi purpose inatables Choice of various oor types The DM Inatable line represents a range of inatable boats with aluminum, inatable or rigid oors. All are strong and safe and built with one purpose in mind: to give you a comfortable and convenient way to get to your yacht and over the water. They come in many sizes. 22 Dragon Marine Dragon Marine 23

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Eco Line Strong, light weight with large tubes Slatted oor, easy to handle Floor type SL We now offer the new style of ECO range with the following features: • Bigger Tube diameter 430 mm as well load capacity • Larger space inside • Very light weight and easy to carry • Transom and Seat made of 18mm light Plywood • Slats out of 9mm light Plywood • Very strong Rubbing fender • New fashion design of oar lock, oar stopper, rope holder. Model Outer Length Outer Width Inner Length Inner Width Tube Diam Air Chamber Total Weight Max Motor Power Max Load 200 SL 201 cm 150 cm 110 cm 65 cm 42.5 cm 2 18.5...

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