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Air Cooler Cleaner Module For 2-stroke Turbocharged Diesel Engines CJC™ Product Sheet APPLICATION The CJC™Air Cooler Cleaner (ACC) is designed as an auxiliary module to be used with 2-stroke turbocharged diesel engines. After hours of operation, the air cooler gets fouled and the result is lost engine performance. The CJC™ Air Cooler Cleaner can regain the lost engine performance by flushing the air cooler with a hot chemical cleaning medium at low pressure. The CJC™ Air Cooler Cleaner gives the customer more flexibility owing to the modular design. Further more it is possible to place the chemical tank and the main module in separate locations on the same deck. CJC ™ Air Cooler Cleaner Steam or thermal oil heated The CJC™ Air Cooler Cleaner is delivered as one module, but can easily be transformed on board during commissioning. The cleaning chemical is stored in a steel tank coated with textyl, which leaves the chemical cleaning medium intact during storage and extends the lifetime of the tank. A stainless steel centrifugal pump delivers the necessary flow and pressure for an optimal cleaning process. A cleanable stainless strainer will retain particles with a size of >1000 μm loosened during the cleaning process. The frame is coated with a high grade enamel powder coat, which gives an eminent resistance against corrosion caused by the harsh operating conditions, most chemicals, and organic solvents. The powder coat has a smooth surface, which is easy to clean. STEAM HEATED OR THERMAL OIL HEATED VERSION The CJC™ Air Cooler Cleaner is available as a steam heated or a thermal oil heated version. Both types include a stainless steel plate heat exchanger that heats up the chemical cleaning medium. An integrated adjustable steam or thermal oil regulating valve regulates the steam or thermal oil flow through the heat exchanger achieving an optimal and fast heating of the chemical cleaning medium to the required 60°C. The CJC ™Air Cooler Cleaner is available in four sizes, A-1-0.3, A-2-0.6, A-3-0.9, A-5-1.5 and can be used with most of the turbocharged 2- stroke diesel engines available. Contact C.C.JENSEN A/S to determine the suitable product for your diesel engine TECHNICAL DATA TYPE Tank volume

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Air Cooler Cleaner Module For 2-stroke Turbocharged Diesel Engines CJC™ Product Sheet BRIGHT IDEAS OPERATING PROCESS The CJC™ Air Cooler Cleaner is installed into the ex- isting conventional cold water flushing system where cleaning nozzles are mounted in top of the air cooler. The CJC™ Air Cooler Cleaner pumps the hot cleaning medium through the cleaning nozzles in top of the air The cleaning medium is flushed through the air cooler, collected and lead back to the air cooler cleaner tank. The loosened particles are retained in a cleanable stain- less steel strainer. Remember to clean the filter OPERATING...

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