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Product Information Electronic device designed to control and vary LED intensity of lighting systems of the CLL CANTALUPI series and monochromatic LED strip lights. The dimming action occurs via a special two-wire driver activated by the use of external push-button. it is equipped with soft/start and soft/ stop functions. International protection fuse DIN-RAIL Mounting INDOOR USE RECESSED HI EFFICACY GENERATION I. ADVANCED DIMMING FUNCTION Dimmer memory function: the prolonged pressure on the push-button alternately performs the dimming up and down but it stops at the maximum and minimum values. To change the dimming sense it is necessary to release the push-button and press it again. II. SOFTWARE SELECTION Input MODE: use this type of connection to select a particular set of the dimmer. III. ADVANCED POWER SUPPLY SIGNALING Green LED indicator: it lights up if the input power supply of the board is present regardless of whether the fuse is working or not. 62 mm / 2.44 in Technical specifications: Volatage supply range: 11,4 - 30Vdc Controller: 150W Max Load: 6A Stand-by absorption: 60mA Temp. range: 0° C - +40°C Power fuse: 6,3A Exit prot: Resettable 6A fuse Thermal prot: Sonda NTC Signaling LED: Green LED, Red LED, Yellow LED Fix: DIN rail mounted Note: For connection diagrams see instruction manual ^ Red LED indicator: it permanently stays lighted if the fuse is damaged, indicating that it needs to be replaced. The red LED indicator blinks if the fuse is functioning and if the temperature of the Mosfets exceeds the output nominal associated value of 6A operating therefore as output overload protection. When the value is exceeded, the output goes off. Yellow LED indicator: it lights up by the pressure of the eventual push-button connected to the board. This indication allows to understand if the channel is not working in case of pressure of the remote push-button, if the if the signal is acquired by the board. SOLIDS & LIQUIDS    FIRE PROTECTION RATING    PROTECTION ELECTRICAL SHOCK    EUROPEAN CLASS PROTECTION    CONFORMITY Note: The information provided in this document may be subject to change at any time without notice. Released on 22.11.2018

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