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Cantalupi: Lighting as Light and Art Light and Light and Space brought an idea: A continuous seeking comfort: power: into light In the beginning and finding A light to convey The power of there was light throughout history the emotion of luxury iMumination Architectural Light and L.E.D. light: lighting calculation: atmosphere: Setting sail Research is a part of Enhancing space for new Horizons

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When emotions home design

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SPACE BROUGHT INTO LIGHT Light is three-dimensional writing. In the same way as music breaks silence, as movement breaks stillness, light penetrates darkness, encountering shapes, profiles and surfaces. On a yacht, lighting should highlight the exclusive character of every furnishing, lovingly caressing every detail, bringing light to the poetry of unique spaces. Bruno Cantalupi Manager Director e Fondatore

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Conception IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS LIGHT All architecture is determined by an idea, a style, a vision, defining space, line and shape, producing beauty, joy and comfort. And it is in the interior of yachts where architecture can make wishes come true, transforming space and ambience into pure lifestyle.

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LIGHT AND ART. A CONTINUOUS SEEKING AND FINDING THROUGHOUT HISTORY Light can underline and highlight the value of an artwork and even be part of it. Ancient and modern styles have conceived light as one more architectural element, to be guided into inner space, studying the effects of its changing position and color throughout the day. In painting, the artist simulates this by lighter and darker strokes; searching for light and using it for communicating emotion. Without light there would be no art.

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TO CONVEY THE EMOTION OF LUXURY The interaction between light and architecture within the precious interior of a yacht creates emotions, feelings of comfort and pure pleasure. Creating lighting for luxurious spaces means highlighting the narrative idea behind the architecture and the value of the furnishings. It means enhancing the harmony between space, mood and lifestyle.

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For Cantalupi light is an instrument with two souls. The first is lighting technology. Over the years we have been following closely developments in the field, studying each new technique carefully and adapting them specifically for use in yachts. The second soul is visual perception, affecting the sensory impressions linked to the illumination of a space. Our mastery over the source of light lies in our control over these two components. And that's what makes the difference between mere lighting and the design of light, a design that brings forth the best aspects of architecture.

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OUR BACKGROUND: ART TREASURES AND THE SEA We are based in Viareggio, a city with a long tradition in seafaring and boat building. Viareggio Here is where our products are made; from the initial design right through to quality control, everything is done locally. HandMade All our products are finished by hand, as this is the only way we can guarantee excellence and permit personalized, tailor-made products. 19

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the lighting project ELECTRONICS DEDICATED TO LIGHT L.E.D. lighting comes from electronics. And electronics is at the heart of all our lighting components. Which is what we have studied, defined and programmed to perfection in order to ensure control of light.

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Architectural lighting calculation

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plant engineering RESEARCH IS A PART OF THE LIGHTING PROJECT This project provides a technical, aesthetic and formal counterpart to the enhanced illumination of different spaces, based on technical calculations, carried out by sophisticated softwares defining the properties and quality of these spaces both scientifically and realistically; scenarios to be created through the use of light, related both to architectural profiles and aesthetic choice.

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by courtesy of Perini Navi Space can be simply lit or it can be enhanced through illumination 26 The choice of lighting lines, effects of light and shade, of diffuse light, of color are all important in the creation of a certain atmosphere in a space. In the same way that a work of art is developed, enriched and enhanced.

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Led SETTING SAIL FOR NEW HORIZONS We have set our sails to the wind and embarked on a course of research and development, embracing all technologies related to L.E.D. lighting. This was still unexplored territory in the yachting world where no experimentation had yet been made towards the setting of new standards of reference. 29 However, thanks to our specialist knowledge, we have been able to conceive this new technology and develop it to levels unprecedented in this sector.

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Style & Design Style A LUXURIOUS NEW LOOK Every single furnishing on a mega yacht has been chosen for the uniqueness, innovation and excellence it embodies. 32 Cantalupi lighting fittings have been created following the same principles. The result is a series of noble elements combining style, elegance, form and a harmonious design.

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harmony WHEN EMOTIONS Luxury means an exclusive lifestyle, seeking beauty, precious objects, unique places and ambiences. 35 Yachts are treasures floating on the sea, and they deserve lighting that enhances their value, their style and makes them shine. Cantalupi provides the best lighting for your requirements.

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A TREASURE FLOATING ON THE SEA Luxury means an exclusive lifestyle, seeking beauty, precious objects, unique places and ambiences. Yachts are treasures floating on the sea, and they deserve lighting that enhances their value, their style and makes them shine. Cantalupi provides the best lighting to make these treasures shine.

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Residential projects A NEW LIGHT FOR HOME DESIGN From the exclusive and richly suggestive atmosphere of the yachting world to home design. We have brought our experience of many years of research into lighting technology for luxury spaces and modified it for the home. Here, light does not only interact with the habitat of man, his moods, his intimate living spaces, it has the capacity to enhance home design.

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References CANTALUPI, THE LIGHT Our long history has been marked by frequent cooperation with the most important boatyards both in Italy and around the world, furnishing our technological know-how through our products and services, a process that we are sure will continue. Azimut-Benetti Group Ferretti Group Mondomarine Perini Navi Cantieri navali Beconcini Baglietto Cantieri di Pisa Rodriquez Cantieri Navali Fiart Mare Absolute ITALY CANADA Crescent Yachts TAIWAN Horizon Jade Yachts Kha Shing Ta Shing Bénéteau Group Amel Dufour CNB CMN Couach Fountaine Pajot Dufour FRANCE GERMANY Lurssen...

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