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PERFORMANCE-LED DESIGN C-T PlateBATTENS are a new range of solid composite battens designed to complement and extend the existing CT Sailbattens range. Whereas the hollow, tapered CT Sailbattens are suitable for yachts from 45ft up to the largest of superyachts, C-T PlateBATTENS have been designed to allow yachts from 12ft up to 90ft to take advantage of C-Tech's superior sail batten After rigorous testing we are confident C-T PlateBATTENS represent the quality, reliability and performance of their larger cousins, the well-established CT Sailbattens. Full length Full Length C-T PlateBATTENS are made from quality prepreg carbon fibre with a carbon cloth Battens outer layer. Battens are available in stock lengths from 1500mm to 4000mm long. Longer battens Full specifications are available at www.sailbattens.com/documents/bat_ctpfull.pdf. Leech Battens Leech C-T PlateBATTENS are made from a blend of prepreg carbon fibre and prepreg s-glass. S-glass near the tip provides flexible, durable leech battens with the right bend characteristics. Battens are available in stock lengths from 1500mm to 3500mm long. Full specifications are available at www.sailbattens.com/documents/bat_ctpleech.pdf. The taper in C-T PlateBATTENS is built into the laminate. The unique laminate allows C-T PlateBATTENS to have continuous layers of full- length fibres on the outer surface. Battens do not require sanding or grinding to produce the required bend characteristics, and there are no short fibre layers that can cause the outer surface to • Continuous outer layers • Fibres wont split off outer layer • Stock batten lengths • Wide range of widths & stiffnesses • Superior strength-to-weight ratio Yacht Type & Size Range Type of yachts using C-T PlateBATTENS • Skiffs and racing dinghies (mainsail) • Cruisers who want a performance boost • Racing yachts Size of yachts using C-T PlateBATTENS • Full Length: for yachts 12ft - 50ft • Main Flutter (leech): for yachts 40ft - 90ft How to Order C-T PlateBATTENS can be purchased directly from C-Tech Ltd and are available not only to sail makers but to end-users (keen sailors). Orders can be fulfilled within 48 hours and are shipped worldwide using Fedex or DHL. For price information or to receive a quote please e-mail C-Tech: ctp@sailbattens.com. 551 Rosebank Road, Avondale 1026, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND info@sailbattens.com c-tech@c-tech.co.nz www.sailbattens.com www.c-tech.co.nz

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