US Product Catalog Season 2013 - 18 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Boating just got better. Much better. Imagine a free app for your mobile device that brings your C-MAP by Jeppesen charts to life. Whether your passion is sailing, fishing or cruising, the Plan2Nav app makes your navigating experience even more fun! • Plan voyages on the fly—chart your route, set waypoints and measure the distance for each leg of your journey • Check tides and currents and the weather with our free weather service for forecasts up to five days out The Americas and Caribbean Electronic charts Product Catalog 2013 • View high-resolution photos of harbor entrances, see your charts with shaded depth areas and detailed depth contours • The perfect complement to your chartplotter! 2403 ML 09_12 /lightmarine Available for Android

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Chart format guide 3 Value Added Data 16 Specialty charts and data 24 C-MAP by Jeppesen MM3D features 30 Customer support Over the past 25 years, more than one million navigators around the world have put their trust in C-MAP electronic charts. C-MAP by Jeppesen vector-based charts offer unrivaled navigation detail and work with many premier brands of chartplotters and PC-based navigation software. Our exclusive navigation features and Value Added Data make C-MAP by Jeppesen solutions indispensable. C-MAP by Jeppesen navigation data ... trusted by millions of mariners 1 Global - Wherever you want...

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CHART Format GUIDE For chartplotters For navigation software Media C-MAP 4D MAX MM3D Media GP1670F • • SD-card GP1870F SD-card NavNet VX2 MAX Pro MM3D Expedition Download/SD TZtouch MAX • DVD • SD-card NavNet 3D C-MAP 4D Download/SD • • MaxSea • DVD MaxSea TimeZero • Online Marine Commander • SD-card BoatCruiser 3.0 MDC Series Radars • C-card DVD NavCruiser Pro • • • DVD SailCruiser 3.0 DVD • Colormax series SD-card Explorer series C-card GPS-95CP C-card Trawl Plot C-card SVS 750CF...

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Our Charts For chartplotters Specialty charts and data C-MAP 4D The next evolution in navigation solutions. C-MAP 4D adapts to your boating needs because it’s the only digital chart that offers advanced features and lets you add data and services as they become available. See pages 10-16 for details. When your charts are frequently updated—as C-MAP by Jeppesen charts are—you’ll have safer journeys. Our charts also include exclusive, helpful features and data that enhance your navigation. See pages 23-28 for more details on each one. MAX The ultimate navigator. With MAX, you’ll enjoy exclusive...

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Club Jeppesen Updates Club Jeppesen offers automatic updates, discounts and more Why update your charts? You know that navigating with updated charts helps you avoid costly accidents and provides peace of mind so you can enjoy your time on the water, so consider joining Club Jeppesen. Several reasons. Your charts are separate from your plotter, so keeping your charts current is one of the least expensive, most effective ways to stay safe on the water. With updated charts, you’ll know of any changes in the waters where you boat and avoid costly—and possibly dangerous—accidents. Joining Club Jeppesen...

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Cartography features Wide Full 4D 3D views Satellite images + 2D and 3D overlay Raster charts + 2D and 3D overlay Easy Routing Official, up-to-date chart sources Base cartography – all scale ranges Simple harbor info Tidal heights Currents/tidal flows Animated currents Currents Guardian Alarm Detailed marina charts C-Marina Ports Database California MPAs Coastal roads Aerial photos Land elevations NavAids Multi-language charts Perspective (bird’s eye) view TrueType font Depth contours MegaWide coverage PC-Planner-compatible C-Weather Online updating Unlock/add new data online High-Resolution Bathymetric...

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C-MAP 4D Features Get charts the way you want them 4D MAX Content C-MAP 4D is a new all-in-one charting solution that offers the standard MAX vector chart features you have come to expect from C-MAP plus raster charts, 3D views, satellite imagery, Easy Routing and Value Added Data, all easily customized to your boating needs. C-MAP 4D also delivers continuous updates that can be managed online, providing another way to customize navigation data to enhance your boating experience. Get more with C-MAP 4D • More content – The best available vector chart data including photos of NavAids and lighthouses,...

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Full 4D Content Enhance your 4D MAX vector charts with Full 4D, featuring the latest in navigation data and technology, including: • 3D chart view - Using advanced digital modeling over land and sea, 3D view lets you experience a whole new level of detail and perspective of your C-MAP 4D chart. 3D view’s advanced digital modeling gives you an exceptional view. • High-resolution satellite imagery – C-MAP 4D includes a navigational perspective with high-resolution coastal imagery overlaid on the most accurate and up-to-date vector data. • Digital raster charts – With raster charts, you have an additional...

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4D MAX Content Value Added Data Depend on C-MAP by Jeppesen for reliable information and useful features Add content tailored to your boating needs 4D MAX delivers the most accurate chart details and all the popular features of C-MAP MAX cartography, such as detailed harbor charts, C-Marina Ports Database and a wealth of important data, including: (See page 18-19 for full details.) Value Added Data expands the features of C-MAP 4D by providing additional layers of customized proprietary data, including: • Detailed NavAids • Guardian Alarm • Route check • Detailed marina charts High-Resolution...

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MAX Features With MAX, the ultimate navigator, you’ll benefit from large coverage areas, accurate chart detail, versatile features and a wealth of important data, including: • Detailed NavAids – Detailed information on navigational aids, including name, color, information on frequency, range of the light, etc. • Guardian Alarm – When activated, Guardian Alarm performs an automatic forward-scanning check for obstacles. Use this feature as an added backup to alert you should you head toward a potentially harmful object. • Route check – An extension of Guardian Alarm, this helps to keep you safe...

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