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Catalogue excerpts

Europe, Africa, Middle East, Russia

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C-MAP by Jeppesen navigation data - trusted by millions of mariners Over the past 30 years, more than one million navigators around the world have put their trust in C-MAP electronic charts. C-MAP by Jeppesen vector-based charts offer unrivaled navigation detail, and work with many premier brands of chartplotters and PC-based navigation software. Our exclusive navigation features and value-added data make C-MAP by Jeppesen solutions indispensable. Consider joining Club Jeppesen the next time you update your charts – the easiest, most economical way to stay up to date and receive additional members-only...

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C-MAP by jeppesen CHARTS Charts for chartplotters C-MAP MAX-N New C-MAP MAX-N cartography gives Lowrance, Simrad, and B&G customers access to C-MAP by Jeppesen’s extensive worldwide portfolio, and all the necessary chart data to enjoy any boating adventure, anywhere in the world. See pages 14-15 for details. The evolution of navigation solutions. C-MAP 4D adapts to your boating needs. The only digital chart that offers advanced features and lets you add data and services, as they become available. See page 16 for details. The ultimate navigator. With MAX, you will enjoy exclusive features combined...

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Other products and services High-Res Bathy Charts You can see sharper contours for both coastal and off-shore locations, giving you a detailed and accurate depiction of the underwater landscape. Our high-res bathymetric charts include depths and contours that are more visible than those of standard nautical charts. They give you a much clearer picture of the world below the water in order to make fishing more accurate and diving more fun. The C-MAP by Jeppesen bathymetric charts must be purchased separately and are compatible with chartplotters that use either NT+ or MAX. C-Marina Port Database...

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PC-Planner Save time by planning your voyage on your PC. With PC-Planner, you can view your C-MAP by Jeppesen NT+ or MAX charts on your computer, and: • Create and edit routes, waypoints and marks, and measure distances and bearings; • After you plan your route, transfer it to your user card to use in your chartplanner; • View embedded photos and detailed marina drawings and services; • See dynamic NavAids and check tide and current predictions; and • Check five-day forecasts with our free online weather service. PC-Planner software PC minimum requirements • Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP/ • Vista/Windows...

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chart updates Why update your charts? We update our charts every day with new information that comes from several official sources. You can rest assured that our charts give you the most accurate data available. In addition to changes in navigational information, our charts also cover updates to: • Buoys, beacons, and lights; • Shoreline areas and shallow water depths; • Channels, commercial shipping lanes, and restricted or dangerous areas; • Marina facilities; • Port services; and • Photos and more. Are your charts up to date? Check our online catalogue or contact any Jeppesen office or your...

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CLUB JEPPESEN Club Jeppesen offers updates, discounts, and promotions on Jeppesen products! Navigating with updated charts helps you avoid costly accidents and provides peace of mind, so you can enjoy time on the water. Join Club Jeppesen and you will be entitled to: • Update your C-MAP by Jeppesen chart at a special discount, and get further benefits after the purchase of the first chart update; • Free shipping; • Special discount on the purchase of C-Map by Jeppesen products; and • Free admission tickets to the main European Boat Shows (London, Dusseldorf, Oslo, Southampton, Genoa). Blue Level...

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Cartography features C-MAP MAX-N Local, Wide 3D views Satellite images + 2D and 3D overlay Raster charts + 2D and 3D overlay Easy Routing Official, up-to-date chart sources Base cartography – all scale ranges Simple harbor info Tidal heights Tidal flows Animated tidal arrows Ocean currents Guardian Alarm Detailed harbor charts C-Marina Port Database California MPAs Major roads Detailed roads Aerial photos Land elevations NavAids Multi-language Perspective (bird’s eye) view TrueType font Depth contours MegaWide coverage PC-Planner-compatible Weather Real-time updates Ability to unlock/add new data...

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* PC minimum software requirements Vista64/Windows 7 32 bit/ 50 MB available disk space Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher Windows 7 64 bit Video resolution: 800x600 or higher Pentium II or faster processor Video colors: True-color, 32-bits

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CARTOGRAphy glossary • Easy Routing – By entering start and end points along with specific boat parameters, you may automatically receive waypoints of the shortest route. Easy Routing highlights potential hazards and displays varying levels of alerts for each segment of the route; allowing you to manually adjust the route. • 3-dimensional chart view – The world has three dimensions. When you add the fourth dimension of Time – meaning consistent and periodic updates – you combine the most detailed 3D height and depth worldwide database with a continuous update process. This gives you a personalized...

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• Raster charts with 2D and 3D overlay – With raster charts, you have an additional reference source for navigational awareness. Get “at-a-glance” information using the nautical paper charts overlaid on the multidimensional shaded relief to have a new visual experience. • Guardian Alarm – When activated, Guardian Alarm performs an automatic forward-scanning check for obstacles. Use the feature as an added backup to alert you should you head toward a potentially harmful object. • High resolution bathymetric charts Include depths and contours that are sharper than those in standard nautical charts....

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• Route-check – An extension of Guardian Alarm, which helps to keep you safe, by indicating obstacles along segments between waypoints. • C-Marina Port Database – Contains details of more marinas than any other chart on the market. Displays harbour hours, harbour master contact information, nearby lodging and restaurants, VHF call-in details, photos and more. • Dynamic tides and currents – Predicts the time, level, direction, and strength of currents and tides. • Perspective view – For a bird’s-eye view of your navigation area, tilt the chart to a 45-degree angle. • Points of interest (POIs) and...

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