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Catalogue excerpts

Coverage CatalogUE SPRING / SUMMER 2013

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Boating just got better. Much better. Imagine a free app for your mobile device that brings your C-MAP by Jeppesen charts to life. Whether your passion is sailing, fishing or cruising, the Plan2Nav app makes your navigating experience even more fun! Europe, Africa, Middle East, Russia SPRING / SUMMER 2013 · Plan voyages on the fly: chart your route, set waypoints and measure distances for each leg of your journey · Check tides and currents and the weather with our free weather service for forecasts up to five days out · View high-resolution photos of harbor entrances, see your charts with shaded...

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Atlantic European Coasts MARINE CHARTS MARINE CHARTS South Mediterranean Sea and Aegean Sea South-West European Coasts East Mediterranean, Black Caspian Seas EN-I405 Greenland and Iceland EW-I226 UK, Ireland and the Channel EW-I227 North-West European Coasts

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West European Coasts MARINE CHARTS MARINE CHARTS Plan2Nav North and Baltic Seas EW-I227 North-West European Coasts EW-I228 West European Coasts Baltic Sea and Denmark North Sea and Denmark

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Red Sea, Arab Gulf and Africa MARINE CHARTS MARINE CHARTS Plan2Nav Russian Federation Coasts South - East Africa Red Sea to the Gulf and Seychelles Islands North - West Africa RS-I202 Russian Federation - Northwest RS-I203 Russian Federation - North Central RS-I204 Russian Federation - Northeast AN-I013 Kamchatka Peninsula and Kuril Islands RS-I207 Hokkaido And Sakhalin Islands RS-I233 White Sea - West and Channel

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West Europe Freshwater CHARTS Freshwater CHARTS Finland Lakes France Inland Central European Lakes Belgium Inland and River Rhein Danube: Krems, Austria to Black Sea Germany Inland Scandinavia Inland Waters Lake Baykal 1 EN-I084 Dniepr River 2 RS-I212 Dubna-Tver Dubna - Uglic 3 RS-I210 Volga 4 EN-I604 Russian Lakes 5 RS-I214 Rybinsk - Cheboksary 6 RS-I215 Volga: Volgograd - Astrachan 7 RS-I216 Kama River 8 RS-I217 Ozero Baykal 9 RS-I220 Moskow Channel and Oka River 10 EN-I608 Volgo Baltic Channel 11 RS-I235 Volgo - Don and Azov Sea

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MARINE CHARTS U.S. West Coast and Hawaii Canada West and Puget Sound Alaska Canada North and East

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Canada, Eastern USA and Central America MARINE CHARTS MARINE CHARTS Plan2Nav Central and South America NA-I022 U.S. East Coast and the Bahamas NA-I026 Great Lakes and the Maritimes NA-I027 Central America and the Caribbean SA-I500 Costa Rica to Chile and the Falklands NA-I027 Central America and the Caribbean SA-I501 Gulf of Paria to Cape Horn

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Western USA Inland Lakes Freshwater CHARTS Freshwater CHARTS Plan2Nav Eastern USA Inland Lakes NA-I048 Canada Lakes NA-I029 Alaska Lakes NA-I004 U.S. Lakes: LA, MS, AR, OK, TX, NM NA-I009 U.S. Lakes: ND, SD, NE, KS, CO, WY, MN, MT NA-I010 U.S. Lakes: WA, OR, ID, CA, NV, UT, AZ NA-I001 US Lakes: ME, NH, MA, RI, CT, VT, PA, NY, NJ, OH NA-I002 US Lakes: MD, VA, WV, KY NA-I003 US Lakes: AL, GA, FL NA-I005 US Lakes: IN, IL, IA, MO NA-I006 US Lakes: MI, WI NA-I007 US Lakes: NC, SC NA-I008 US Rivers: OH and Cumberland NA-I011 US Lakes: TN NA-I030 US Rivers: MS, Red, AR, Ouachita, IL, TN

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MARINE CHARTS Plan2Nav Indian Ocean, Asia and Oceania Australia, New Zealand, Asia, India and Sth Pacific SPRING / SUMMER 2013 AN-I013 Kamchatka Peninsula and Kuril Islands AN-I204 Japan, and North and South Korea AS-I214 China, Taiwan and Vietnam AS-I205 Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia IN-I201 India, Sri Lanka, Maldives IN-I203 Thailand, Malaysia, West Indonesia RS-I207 Hokkaido and Sakhalin Islands

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MARINE CHARTS Customer Support Plan2Nav Central and South America Sweden, Finland Tel: +46 31 719 34 55 Email: Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Luxemburg, Croatia, Slovenia, Turkey, Holland, Belgium, Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Africa Tel: +39 0585 794 800 Email: Russia Tel: +7 812 327 9894 Email: UK & Ireland Tel: +44 1293 842603 Email: AU-I222 New Zealand, Chatham Islands and Kermadec Islands PC-I203 Carolinas, Kiribati, Marshall and Marianas PC-I204 South Pacific Islands AU-I010...

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