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The Fein marine nange - 20 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts


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INTERIOR OUTFITTING ► Light sanding and sanding down for antifoul ► Renovating teak decks ► Repairs on fibreglass and wooden boats ► FEIN MULTIMASTER MARINE TOP ► FEIN SUPERCUT MARINE ► FEIN MARINE POWERPOLISHER ► FEIN Eccentric Sander

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Thousands of successful projects to its credit. The first choice for interior outfitting, maintenance and repairs on yachts. With three long-lasting, high-performance power tools and an opti- mum range of accessories, FEIN offers a practical system that profes- sionals have relied on for decades. The system components, which have proved themselves in tough, everyday industrial use, coverall important applications. By opting for the FEIN Marine range, you can keep equipment and fittings state-of-the-art. Professional, cost-effec- tive boat repairs and maintenance also significantly reduce the loss...

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INSTALLATION AND INTERIOR OUTFITTING Do you want your boat to reflect the state-of-the-art? With the FEIN Marine range, installation and conversion jobs are plain sailing! The equipment and fittings on a yacht or boat need to be kept state-of-the-art over long periods or adjusted to meet the owners' changing requirements. And to do that you need tools that last just as long. The FEIN MULTIMASTER MARINE TOP is the universal system for all materials. It features a highly robust saw which is equally happy to tackle wood, fibreglass, carbon fibre-reinforced plastic, plastics or sheet metal. Combined...

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Precise sawing even in corr With the E-CUT saw blades, the FEIN MULTIMASTER MARINE TOP creates precise holes for routing cables, heating con- Order number The supplied depth stop prevents damage to the foam core and is really worth the investment when it comes to replacing swollen balsa wood You will find accessories under Perfect results: whenever space is tight, that's when the FEIN MULTIMASTER MARINE TOP, for example with the E-CUT saw blade, comes into its own. Order number achieves perfect, clean cuts duces very little dust. Also ideal for larger sawing jobs in Order number

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Want your boat to be in tiptop condition for winter storage? The FEIN Marine range will maintain its long-term value. With the FEIN MARINE POWERPOLISHER, all-year cleaning, polishing and sealing jobs are simplicity itself - every time. With its sophisticated gearbox it has considerably more torque and power than virtually any competing product. The preselected polishing speed is accu- rately maintained at any level of load. It is optimally complemented by the FEIN MULTIMASTER MARINE TOP for machining all tight or hard- to-reach areas. And with the ideally coordinated range of FEIN care products...

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Achieve perfect results with the FEIN boat polish system: - even on hot painted surfaces Order number When polishing painted surfaces (steel boats), the cloth make for top-notch You will find accessories under Cleaning on page 17. Polishing the boat deck Polishing metal surfaces Restore a radiant shine to hard-to-reach places and anti- slip structures on the deck in Order number Metal surfaces like stainless steel railings, chrome-plated winches and aluminium fittings polish up beautifully with the Order number The FEIN nano-sealing system achieves extremely resilient Order number iding down coats...

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Want to get your boat shipshape again in no time? Manage repairs quickly and efficiently with the robust FEIN Marine range. No matter what kind of damage a boat has sustained or how it happened, the FEIN Marine range offers the optimum repair system even in the toughest continual use in the boatyard. It has been perfectly optimised for the most important repair applications. The FEIN MULTIMASTER MARINE TOP can easily cut down the time required for teak deck repairs by up to 80%. When it comes to sawing and scraping work, the FEIN MULTIMASTER MARINE TOP has an impressive service record, too. For...

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► RENOVATING TEAK DECKS The FEIN MULTIMASTER MARINE TOP with cutter blade: the move deck joint compounds. Cuts working time by 80% or You will find accessories under Levelling excess material Use the rigid stopping knife to quickly and precisely trim down excess polyurethane joint material. This saves a lot of time and effort later when it comes to sanding down the teak deck. Order number Reworking teak deck joints The carbide tipped segment saw blade is ideal for rework- ing joints in teak decks. Order number The FEIN MULTIMASTER MARINE most powerful endurance machines for sanding down decks....

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FEIN MULTIMASTER MARINE TOP - the resilient universal system for interior outfitting, maintenance and repairs. Every FEIN MULTIMASTER MARINE TOP is the result of 40 years of expe- rience in oscillation technology - that pays for itself over and over. With its oscillating movement and wide range of accessories, the FEIN MULTIMASTER MARINE TOP is an unbeatably versatile, high-preci- sion tool for all key applications required by boatyards, fitters, boat dealers, charter companies and boat owners. Cutaway view of drive head The drive head and all other gearbox parts are made of metal and all bear- ings...

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FEIN SUPERCUT MARINE - all the power you need In addition to the capabilities of the FEIN MULTIMASTER MARINE TOP, the FEIN SUPERCUT MARINE has a higher motor rating and more pow- erful oscillating motion. This allows the reliable system to deliver even more performance, particularly with more difficult sawing work. This makes the FEIN SUPERCUT MARINE ideal for larger yacht boatyards and repair firms carrying out a lot of sawing work on fibreglass, carbon fibre-reinforced plastic or wood. Performance comparison FEIN SUPERCUT FEIN MULTIMASTER Caulking teak deck Sanding Sawing with E-CUT Ball and...

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FEIN MARINE POWERPOLISHER - for brilliant results Enduring power to save you time when cleaning, polishing, sealing or sanding: The FEIN MARINE POWERPOLISHER keeps boats in good repair in record time. The supplied backing pad with extractor hood allows this tool to be used as a sander for wood, paint and in partic- ular antifoul. This makes the FEIN MARINE POWERPOLISHER the perfect endurance tool for boat maintenance - for boatyards, maintenance services, boat dealers, charter companies and boat owners. Speed contro Speed can be selected between selected speed remains constant in Removable handle...

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