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Yard automation brochure - 16 Pages

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Yard automation brochure

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YARD AUTOMATION Peace of mind with perfect spreader reliability

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ALL IS WELL IN YOUR AUTOMATED TERMINAL Thanks to reliable spreader solutions from Bromma, your entire fleet of yard spreaders can be monitored and controlled from a central point, in or outside your automated terminal. One by one, the world’s terminals are being automated. And the driving forces are the same round the globe: higher productivity at a lower cost. Yet automated terminal operation is particularly vulnerable to breakdowns, even more so than manual operation. Any unplanned standstill will last longer and the consequences both upstream and downstream are more troublesome. That is...

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DRIVERS FOR AUTOMATING A TERMINAL Automating your yard brings many benefits. Most obviously, safety is increased as fewer need to be present in the yard during operation. Automation also increases stacking capacity while reducing faults due to the human factor. Fewer people in and around the yard also reduces the risk of personal injury. Automation also means it will be easier to plan maintenance and crane performance more efficiently. AVOID THE SPREADER BUTTERFLY EFFECT If your spreader fails, so will your crane. Then ships will be delayed in berth, and soon vessels will begin to queue up...

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THE MODERN TERMINAL Bromma delivered the spreaders to the world’s first yard crane automation projects in the 1990s, and have since continued to lead the way in automationfriendly spreaders and software. Thanks to our deep understanding and experience of terminal needs, we have played a key role in most of the automatic stacking crane (ASC) projects that have been carried out around the world. Thanks to options such as SCS 4 or GreenZone, you can expect our spreaders to have a more predictable performance and lower maintenance requirements. In addition, the absence of oil eliminates the...

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QUALITY THINKING THROUGH AND THROUGH Bromma’s success is due to a solid quality thinking down to the smallest detail. Our customers have come to expect maximum uptime and terminal throughput. Product quality At Bromma, ensuring highest product quality is an inherent part of our being. Our products go on and on and must always do. We are shaped by the Swedish tradition of settling only for the best quality. It is, quite literally, in our DNA. Design quality No two terminals are alike. Bromma spreaders are flexible enough to meet your specific needs. Our modular design platform makes it...

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Bromma has been at the forefront of this industrial tradition for more than 50 years, and will continue to carry its industrial heritage into the future, thus ensuring quality, reliability and service-mindedness to customers around the world. So that you can depend on your automated yard to work as expected. The Bromma brand carries a proud Swedish heritage. Considering its modest population, a surprisingly high number of brands of Swedish origin have over the years taken leadership positions in various industrial segments, including the automotive, power and technology, and pharmaceutical...

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Successful yard automation is like a chain of interdependent events that must work perfectly together. And as the saying goes: a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Spreaders are located closest to the containers and therefore exposed to the elements and to constant G forces. It takes truly robust spreaders to withstand the strain and ensure uptime. Bromma is the world’s leader in spreaders. We have been in the industry since the dawn of containerization, always in sync with developments in the terminal industry. We introduced spreaders for yard automation in the 1990s and have...

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This was a decisive moment in modern terminal history, lifting automated yard handling to a new level. Our spreaders are always present when it comes to terminal automation – and will continue to be so in the future. Almost as if they were an integral part of every automated terminal. And of logistics as such.

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PRODUCTS Bromma offers a range of spreaders suitable for yard automation, including our best-selling all-electric YSX45E spreader. The Bromma YSX45E all-electric yard crane spreader is perfectly suitable for use in ASC applications. With their fewer service points, lower weight and absence of hydraulics, this spreader features high availability, easy maintenance and extended durability. Made of European high tensile steel, these spreaders deliver high productivity performance, long service life and maximum safety. Yet they are surprisingly lightweight, in many cases several metric tons...

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LIFT COMBINATIONSQUICK FACTS 90% reduction of power consumption (compared to a hydraulic spreader) Silent and environmental friendly High reliability with all-electric spreaders Durable and strong despite low weight Easy to maintain and long service intervals Designed according to EN13001 and EN15056 LIFTING CAPACITY (according to EN 13001, HC2, HD1, U7, Q3) - 41 metric tons evenly loaded - 41 metric tons ±10% eccentric loading - Lifting lugs 4 x 10 metric tons in end beams HOISTING SPEED Max 1 m/s WEIGHT 6.4 metric tons (without extra equipment) TELESCOPIC MOTION 20ft to 45ft in approx. 30...

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THE SOLUTION Bromma offers complete spreader solutions for your automated terminal.These solutions include a range of options and features that improve the performance of your spreaders and let you control anything from an individual spreader to an entire fleet of spreaders. GREEN ZONE ™ Green Zone is an easy-to-use software app package that extends the reach of spreader data to the Internet. Combining SCS 4 with Green Zone, you can remotely access operational data from each spreader in your terminal. Spreader data becomes transparent for e.g. operations and service personnel, allowing you...

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LOAD-SENSING SYSTEM ELECTRIC FLIPPER Bromma’s load-sensing system makes it easy to weigh containers during normal crane operation as part of the crane’s lifting cycle. You don’t have to spend any additional time on weighing containers, e.g. using a weigh bridge. This will help you cut lead times and make containers flow more smoothly through the terminal. The system also enables important functions for monitoring the operation and avoiding accidents when lifting. Electric flippers help to smoothen and simplify the landing of the spreader on your containers, ensuring fast and effective...

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