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Think Twice Tandem catalogue

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Bromma's Tandem Line Are Spreaders Especially Made For Twin-Lifting 40' and 45' Containers. Container handling is a growth industry, and this represents both opportunity and challenge for today's terminal managers. Turning higher volume into higher profits isn't automatic. It requires efficiency of operations — the ability to push more boxes, in the same amount of time, through an existing space. One way to unload mega-ships faster is to increase cycle speed. However, progress in this area has proved difficult. There are significant hurdles to increasing cycle speed — anti-sway issues and...

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Bromma’s Tandem Line Lifts More, With Greater Flexibility. Chances are that whatever your container mix is today, it will be somewhat different tomorrow, and that what-ever your container volume is today, it will be some-what greater tomorrow. Bromma Tandem is a spreader solution that helps your terminal in both areas – providing both a productivity boost and an extremely versatile lifting tool.   Bromma Tandem can increase productivity when loading and unloading those sections of container ships stacked with 40’ containers. It is also ideal for terminals with a high volume of empty...

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Twistlock connection Twin-lift function means greater flexibility to handle different container combinations (J45/Quattro). The adjustable pusher with memory function keeps the space between the spreaders, simplifying the entering of ship cell guides. Long side flippers mounted on inclined base to avoid jamming in cell guides. Tandem™ Headblock Headblock with adjustable pulley wheel distance keeps gravity point between pulley wheels center in Tandem mode. When operating with standard spreader, the pulley wheels will be retracted to normal head- block width. System to provide adjustable...

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Tandem™ T45 The Bromma Tandem Separating T45 spreader offers terminals both the highest level of productivity and the highest level of versatility available today in shipto-shore container handling. For industry-leading terminals that seek to “turn” container ships as rapidly as possible, the Tandem Separating T45 spreader offers dynamic and unmatched loading and unloading capacity. The Tandem T45 has the capacity and the flexibility to handle all possible combinations of 20 foot, 40 foot, and 45 foot containers both quickly and efficiently. It can also handle four 20 foot containers...

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Tandem™ Headblock For efficient handling of any of the Bromma Tandem spreaders, the Tandem The Tandem headblock features pulley wheels which are adjustable from stan- dard [750-1000 mm] up to 2,6 metres. This means that the total gravity point always stays between the pulley wheels centres [when handling Ín single lift mode or when handling one fully laden container and one empty container]. When k comes to headblock design, a mechanical and electrical quick change arrangement between spreader and crane headblock Ís important, with preference for fully automatic twistlocks. Bromma can also...

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E-MAIL: E-MAIL: Bik. 102E, Pasir Panjang Road #08-07, Citilink Warehouse Complex E-MAIL: BROMMA SHANGHAI Shanghai, China Representation Office B, 20 Fir, Liang Feng Mansion No. 8 Dong Fang Road, Pudong E-MAIL: Kinta Free Industrial Zone Perak, Malaysia E-MAIL: The Loughton Seedbed Centre Dll Langston Road United Kingdom E-MAIL: BROMMA GmbH E-MAIL: BROMMA MIDDLE EAST United Arab Emirates. E-MAIL:

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