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SHIP-TO-SHORE SPREADERS A Tradition Of Innovation

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The First Name In Spreaders Bromma spreaders durable under conditions that are never ideal. From an overall capital investment stand- point, the ship-to-shore spreader is of small importance. Yet while its cost is 2% of a container crane, its performance is a critical factor in the economics of container handling. Terminals which "turn" ships faster gain a marketing advantage over peers, which can mean higher market share, better berth utilization, and greater pricing power. Spreader fleets that under-perform cost terminals - in repairs, downtime expense, and higher capital investment for...

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Bromma Hydraulic Spreaders: A Higher Level Of Reliability Bromma is the world leader in ship-to-shore crane spreaders, with more than 60% of the global market. Bromma has a dominant position for a simple reason: Bromma spreaders show up for work every day and perform at a high level of productivity. When reliability is crucial, as it especially is in ship-to-shore operations, Bromma is the obvious choice. Bromma's family of hydraulic ship-to-shore spreaders includes single-lift spreaders, twin-lift spreaders, Bromma Tandem™ product family, Reduce Downtime One of the most important technical...

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Single-Lift Hydraulic Spreaders Unmatched experience: Bromma designed the first telescopic single-lift spreader them around the world downtime: at some terminals Bromma spreader availability Designed for higher through- service on high-speed cranes ideal for use on cranes rated to lift less weight High reliability allows for a lower spreader spare ratio in Bromma single-lift SSX40/45 spreaders are known throughout the world for exceptional strength, relia- bility, and long life. Bromma achieves superior struc- tural strength through strategic engineering tools, such as finite element...

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Twin-Lift Hydraulic Spreaders Twin-lift ship-to-sliore most popular products in the Bromma product line, due to their higher productivity and twin-lift spreader, a larger twin-lift mode. cellent operational flexibility. under full load. tonnes less weight. Well suited for older, slower cranes. I Bromma twin-lift hydraulic spreaders are feature- rich. Bromma advanced performance techno- logy, such as SCS3, is standard on these spreaders. Bromma's optional MPS memory positioning system, available on the STS45, makes the crane operator's task easier, and increases productivity. The Bromma...

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Bromma Tandem™: A Higher Level Of Productivity productivity of each lift For termi nab moving a I The Bromma Tandem™ spreader is a significant number of 40' or productivity tool for an industry that's hungry for productivity. At container terminals around the world there are more and more 40' containers, and fewer 20' containers. The type of spreader used to handle these containers, and the brand of spreader selected can have a major impact on operating efficiency. Bromma Tandem™ is one tool in the effort to boost productivity, as it offers the opportunity to greatly expand the productivity...

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Tandem™ Productivity offers terminals the highest versatility, with the capacity also handle four 20' con- This is a proven spreader design field-tested in high- Asian terminals. Customers with a high num- may want to give special con- spreader line. The Separating T45 spreader offers the highest level of productivity and versatility, but requires a higher- capacity container crane. Tandem™ T45 spreader weight is an estimated 31 tonnes. To fully utilize the lift capacity of the spreader requires a high crane capacity, but most customers will rate 20 foot contai- ners to a maximum of 20-25...

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Tandem™ Versatility ideal choice for customers their choices due to cranes with limited lifting capacity. A container terminal with foot containers will gain an immediate boost to its lift cycle productivity, since the The Tandem™ Fix 40 is, from a design standpoint, the simplest Tandem™ model available today. It uses Bromma spreader design and technology that has been proven to be reliable over many years and many millions of lift cycles. Customers should keep in mind that the operating limitation of the Tandem™ Fix 40 is that it is for 40' containers only. This is why the Tandem™ Fix 40...

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Less Service, Lower Weight, More Uptime Eliminating hydraulics means fewer service points, reduced service time, and reduced service materiab ENVIRONMENTAL LEADERSHIP Eliminating spreader hydraulics reduces spreader I The operational centre of any great container terminal is a highly productive and reliable ship-to-shore spreader operation. Bromma Group's new GreenLine™ E-Series of all- electric ship-to-shore spreaders are loaded with advantages designed to create lifecycle cost savings while boosting fleet uptime. Hydraulics is history on the GreenLine™ E-Series spreader family, which...

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Single-Lift All-Electric • Proven design: the Bromma ture is based on the reliable hydraulic versions of this • Designed for lower or higher throughput environments • Reduced routine maintenance • Reduced energy consump- hydraulic power-pack Bromma single-lift SSX40/45E spreaders offer strength, reliability, and durability, plus the advan- tage of lower lifecycle costs. On these all-electric spreaders, many service points have been taken away. There's no hydraulic powerpack and no hoses. There are no fluids, or oil filter, to replace. This elimina- tion of hydraulics means reduced service...

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Twin-Lift All-Electric • Proven design: the Bromma based on Bromma spreaders • Lower energy consumption • Reduced spreader mainte- • Simpler less settings and fewer sensors • Twin-lift ship-to-shore Bromma product line, due to their higher productivity and twin-lift spreader, a larger Higher productivity translates into higher poten- tial revenue. The STS45E separating twin-lift has exceptional performance characteristics. Bromma calculates that a more reliable spreader at a busy container terminal that averages just 0.5 more moves per hour can generate an additional $30,000 USD in terminal...

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