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Bromma Company Brochure - 16 Pages

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Bromma Company Brochure

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ALL IS WELL Peace of mind with perfect spreader reliability

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With a smooth logistic flow comes peace of mind -then it is easy to be the terminal manager. As the terminal manager, you'd like to see    Spreaders may seem like a minor piece of your things run smoothly on the docks. Containers    terminal's operational puzzle, but they are cru- being lifted on and off vessels without distur-    cial to the terminal's overall productivity. If your bance. Ships moving in and out of the terminal    spreaders fail, so will your cranes - and soon on time.    vessels will begin to line up under increasing frustration. That's how a profitable terminal works,...

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Spreader control is Bromma's home turf since    Our spreaders put you in control of your opera- 1965. We invented the telescopic spreader, which    tions, your maintenance and your costs. And let made it possible for terminals to accept con- you experience that desirable feeling that all is tainers of different sizes without replacing the well. spreader for every lift. Today, the basic design still rules the world of spreaders. We continuously meet changing market requirements by introducing new spreader innovations, including the first smart spreader and all-electric spreader.

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PREMIUM PRODUCTS PAY OFF With spreaders, quality is everything. Or, as one of our customers put it: “Poor product quality may not be visible the first year, but choosing less reliable equipment may prove costly in the long run.” Low cost products flood most markets. Some of them work well. But a spreader is a different breed of product that requires premium quality thinking. Only the best is good enough, which is why we continue to keep our number one position in the global market. Here is why it pays off to choose Bromma spreaders: Spreaders are exposed to harsh environments, including...

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AVOID THE SPREADER BUTTERFLY EFFECT If your spreader fails, so will your crane. Then ships will be delayed in berth, and soon vessels will begin to queue up outside the terminal. In worst case, your customers’ goods will be delayed to its destination. This ”butterfly effect” of unfortunate events can be avoided by investing in premium spreader quality and reliability. Ship DELAYED Ship CAUGHT IN BERTH Crane STOP Spreader STOP SWEDISH HERITAGE – QUALITY ASSURED The Bromma brand carries a proud Swedish heritage. And the spirit of Swedish engineering and entrepreneurial excellence remains...

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OUR OFFERING Alongside a full range of spreaders for cranes and mobile equipment, Bromma offers an extensive portfolio of industrial services and spreader control software solutions to further increase spreader availability. SPREADERS Bromma can provide a spreader solution for every requirement and type of terminal. Every spreader that we offer – ship-to-shore (STS) spreaders, yard crane spreaders and mobile harbour crane (MHC) spreaders – are available as single- or twin-lift versions. Our STS spreaders are also available in a Tandem version – a concept introduced by Bromma – capable of...

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AUTOMATIC TWISTLOCK HANDLING Manual pinning is a dangerous job and many accidents are reported every year. With the automatic lashing platform (ALP), it is no longer necessary to carry out dangerous manual twistlock handling under the gantry crane. The ALP is, to date, the only fully automatic system in the market – significantly increasing terminal safety. The ALP is equipped with special manipulators (for removing or attaching twistlocks) and magazines (for accommodating the twistlocks). Twistlocks are automatically fed to the magazine at discharging and taken out of the magazine at...

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THE MODERN TERMINAL Bromma spreaders are at the heart of today’s advanced and automated terminals. Automated yard handling requires extremely reliable yard spreaders in order to ensure uninterrupted operation and high terminal efficiency. Bromma delivered the spreaders for the first yard automation projects in the 1990s, and have continued to lead the way with automation-ready products ever since. Thanks to our deep understanding and experience of terminal processes, we have played a key role in most automation projects carried out around the world. A key success factor in our automation...

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Fleet management It is easy to monitor data from a fleet of spreaders from a single point. Bromma’s Green Zone extends the reach of spreader data to the Internet. This means that spreader data becomes transparent for e.g. opera­ ions and t service personnel, allowing terminals to monitor spreader fleet performance. All-electric yard spreaders All-electric yard spreaders are ideal for terminals who want to introduce automated yard handling. All-electric spreaders provide the exceptional long-term reliabil­ty necessary i to automate the handling of containers. SCS 4 adds further to the...

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A TRADITION OF INNOVATION In 1965, Bromma embarked on a journey of repeated spreader technology breakthroughs, a journey that continues to this day and will do so in the future. Among our inventions are many global market ”firsts” that changed the course of our industry. First smart spreader First Tandem spreader In 1995, Bromma changed the world of logistics through its release of the world’s first smart spreader. It was a response to increasing demands from the terminal industry for higher crane availability.   By integrating an intelligent control system into the spreader, Bromma made it...

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Load sensing system Already in 2010, Bromma came up with an easy way to weigh containers. Our twist-lock-based load-sensing system offers a solution to weighing containers as part of a crane lifting cycle, thereby preventing the logistic flow in the terminal from being disrupted. Automated twistlock handling The automatic lashing platform (ALP) solves the problem of twistlock handling under the quay crane - fully automatically. Manual pinning is a dangerous job and many accidents are reported every year. Eliminating this manual work increases terminal safety. The ALP is the only fully...

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