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FACING THE CHALLENGE To fulfill the customer’s need of a smooth and quick container han- dling, Bromma offers the technology for a fully automated container handling process. The handling of centre twistlocks on twin and twin-tandem lifts is particularly dangerous because stevedores have to step between the containers to access them. Today stevedores are removing twistlocks during the discharge process and fixing twistlocks during the load process. They work close to suspended loads and moreover in the same area as the horizontal transport (straddle carriers, trucks). Bromma offer the first...

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SAFETY AND EFFICIENCY INCREASE DUE TO FULL AUTOMATION Today leading terminal operators aim to achieve a fully automated container handling process. The average time to remove four twistlocks with two stevedores has been measured to be 20 seconds. Using the ALP/ALS reduces the coning/deconing process approximately to zero seconds. Evidently, the ALP/ALS provides a huge potential for productivity increase. Modern automated or partially automated terminals attain better levels of safety at work by replacing stevedores working under suspended loads on the lanes of the horizontal transport....

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TWISTLOCK HANDLING Quick operation - automatic storage The ALP/ALS is a fast and reliable system which can fix and remove twistlocks and furthermore stores about 95 per cent of the twistlock currently available in internal stacks in a fully automatic process. The magazines can hold up to 2400 stackers, the twin lift capable ALP/ ALS is equipped with eight magazines. Given balanced load and discharge figures, the ALP/ALS magazines provide capacity for discharging and loading a full deck or hold of containers of the 14.000 TEU container vessels of the last generation.

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95% of the current market share can be handled by the ALP/ALS systems" Commonly used twistlocks of following manufacturers are handled by the ALP/ALS AH Set Boen N&P Marine Container Technics CS/SC German Lashing General Lashing Systems Int. Lashing Systems KOEI MacGREGOR Morrison Marine Peck&Hale Seasafe SEC SCLashing

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ALP Driven by a self-sufficient hydraulic system, best for straddle carrier terminals, no external energy supply is required, easily portable by STS crane and straddle carrier Especially green terminals with a high environmental awareness will prefer this version of the ALP. This product meets all the requirements of a CO2 reduction and offers a wide variety of green credentials. Neither electricity nor diesel is required when using the ALP for operation under the STS crane. ALS The solution for STS-cranes with pre-installed lashing platforms A system designed to be installed and operated...

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THE MISSING LINK The ALP/ALS closes the gap in the automated working process »High Durability all ALP versions consist of a steel frame construction, designed to withstand the impacts and forces occuring during load and discharge operations »Productivity Increase due to a reduced pinning time to zero seconds »Safety Increase by removing stevedores out of the hazardous areas »Damping System smooth operation through integrated hydraulic damping technology absorbing high forces, reducing the impact on cargo, equipment and quay structure »Fully Automated Quayside Twistlock Handling automated...

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times up to 40 moves /h and over » Empty weight 33 t » cargotec sweden ab Bromma Conquip Box 1133, Malaxgatan 7 SE-164 22 Kista Sweden container sizes One 45‘ container One 40‘ container One left or right positioned 20‘ container Two seperated 20‘ containers Two

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