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Botngaard is Norways leading producer of tarpaulin solutions to the aquaculture industry. PERMA SKIRT Advantages with permanent skirts •    50-80% less sea lice infestation • Fewer delousings • Less use of chemicals • Less handling of fish • Reduced need for cleaner fish Botngaard's perma skirts are tailormade to the individual locality. Factors as our customers needs, cage size, durability and design are important. This way we can deliver a product that makes the job for the fish farmers as easy as possible. We have executed several development projects in collaboration with R&D community...

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PERMA SKIRTS - PREVENTIVE MEASURES Sea lice are, along with escapes, are considered the biggest challenge for the aquaculture industry of today. We see major sea lice infestation on fish residing in the upper water layers. Shielding of the upper portion of a cage may therefore reduce sea lice infestation significantly. Slings in corners give lifting points with high durability for rough treatment Solid, 90mm web around the skirt gives great steadiness and durability Straps with rope every 7.5 m acts as a lift curtain. You can adjust the depth of the skirt according to the current, treatment...

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OUR DELOUSING TARPS Our experience shows that it is very important with right volume when delousing. Botngaard delivers therefore tarps with a design that ensures this. Our experience is that correct equipment for the actual biomass will provide better economic and environmental benefits. Flat tarp for delousing all types of cages. Customers have different requirements for design and strength. Botngaard tailors tarps based on individual basis. The muffin tarp is designed to reduce the circumference of the tarp, which eases the setting on the cage. Circumference is equal to the cage plus 3...

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Botngaard is the only manufacturer in Norway specialized in tarpaulin products for the aquaculture industry. All Botngaard delousing tarps are tailored to the individual locality. Through surveying our customers' needs, factors as cage size, desired volume, durability and design we can deliver a product that eases the job for fish farmers as much as possible.

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DELOUSING TARPS TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS Our delousing tarps are made of polyamide fabric with a tensile strength of 3800 N/5cm. The weight of the fabric is 210 gr/m² An important element of a successful bath treatment is the ingress of water. To have control of the amount of medical used the tarp should let through as little water as possible. For a virtually completely sealed delousing tarp Botngaard recommends a tarp produced with a coated polyamide fabric. Double yellow border web; one web running along the entire . perimeter of the fabric and one web going 1 meter into the tarp. Yellow web...

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Norwegian FSA has approved Botngaard's Closed Holding Cage system as an alternative to «Closed slaughter" from wellboat for sanitary slaughter of fish. Krak0y slaughter facility has now had Closed Holding Cage in operation since August 2015, with very good results. Over 8000 tons salmon has been slaughtered from the Closed Advantages of Closed Holding Cage: • Utilize existing holding cages at sea • Completely closed system • No deterioration of the cage environment • Cost effective • Robust. Simple operation. Closed Holding Cage is now ready for delivery For more information,...

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FRESH WATER BASIN ENOUGH WATER, WHEN YOU NEED IT… Botngaard has a strong focus on innovation and development of products, as well as preparing our customers in the use of tarpaulins Wellboat use 1.5 hours to fill 1800 m³ from the basin. TIME SAVED Enough water in one basin to fill three wellboats with 1800 m³ Wellboat will spend 4-6 hours to fill directly from a freshwater source. The basin will be produced in the desired size after surveying the needs and specifications at each site. Botngaard has delivered to: NRS Feøy and Marine Harvest Scotland Mounted on Ø120m cage. V = 6000m³ PVC...

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48 attachment points to the hand rail. 48 reinforced attachment points to the float ring. Time to fill an 0120m 6000m3, 100 % fill grade Pump capacity: 3 ton/min takes 33 hours 5 ton/min takes 20 hours Upper diameter: 38 m Splash edge up to the hand rail Reinforced with double PVC in the top 2 meters Drainage System: Modeled from the offshore industry. 4 flexible PVC tubes with a diameter of 110 mm and length of 50 cm which drains water. Lower diameter: 34 m Wall Height: 6m Possibility for attaching weights on the outside. Possibility for attaching sliding weights. Reinforced PVC-coated web...

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DISINFECTION TARP Our disinfection tarps are produced in a silicone drawn polyamide fabric. Whether one should disinfect boats or cages, this material is impenetrable enough to provide protection against the spread of infection. We will tailor the cloth so that it will work for what you want to disinfect.

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SALES & CUSTOMER RELATIONS Jan Børge Harsvik Key Account Manager +47 915 15 014 International Sales – Southern Norway Hans-Jørgen Eilertsen Key Account Manager +47 976 46 298 Northern Norway ADMINISTRATION & PRODUCTION Tore Harsvik Head of office +47 484 85 722 Botngaard AS Valsnesveien 259 N-7165 Oksvoll Norway +47 73 01 56 88 botngaard as  Valsnesveien 259  N-7165 Oksvoll  +47 73 0

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