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Wood Finisher's Equipment

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Sys F Fa tem ine st & s & Fin Ea Co ishi sy mp n g on ent s Professional Wood Finisher’s Equipment Selection Guide 77-5400R Professional Wood Finisher’s Equipment Selection Guide Spray Finishing Products for Maximum Productivity

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B Selecting The Right Equipment It's Critical to Use the Right Equipment Using the right equipment for each step of any spray finishing process is typically the difference between hitting quality, productivity and profitability targets - and not hitting them. Additionally, the ever increasing diversity of finishes dictates careful selection and proper use With nearly 220 years of collective leadership in the spray finishing industry, Binks and DeVilbiss continue to set the equipment standards other brands strive to achieve. Regardless of wood type, new and varied coating materials, or other...

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Spray Application Processes M Atomization Technology Options Quite simply, Conventional Air Spray uses lower volume at higher pressure (at the air cap). Overall, this is the most commonly used spray finishing process in woodworking Advantages: Conventional Air Spray offers the finest atomization available. Additionally, the operator has complete pattern control. HVLP (High Volume, Low Pressure) Through the use of high-volume, low-pressure atomization (at the air cap), this method delivers high transfer efficiency of fluid materials. HVLP has seen rapid popularity growth in recent years....

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Superior Stain Solutions Consistently achieving the desired colors from varied types of wood is no small accomplishment. It requires knowledge, skill and the best equipment available. Stain is used to establish the undertone color of nearly every piece of professionally finished wood product - and therefore making the staining process the single most critical process for achieving uniform overall finish. The Binks and DeVilbiss spray guns below have been painstakingly selected as your very best equipment available for achieving optimum results in all your spray staining applications. To...

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Stain Finishing Outfits The equipment packages shown on this page have been carefully selected to help wood finishing professionals consistently achieve optimum stain application results. A considerable amount of time and resources have been invested in selecting and assembling these packages - for maximum up-time and minimum maintenance with Binks and DeVilbiss products. Your local wood finishing materials source will assist you with additional information about specific finishing applications. Contact your paint/ equipment sales or customer service Conventional Outfits* *AII Cup Outfits...

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B Smart Sealer Strategies Sealers are used for sealing off areas on pieces of wood that are prone to soak up too much stain (like end grain). Failure to apply sealer at appropriate areas of pieces being sprayed can cause dark spots on the finished product. Not all spray equipment is suitable for cost-efficient and top quality wood finishing. However, after decades of R&D, endless testing and engineering advancements, Binks and DeVilbiss guns and accessories clearly set the industry The equipment listed on this page has been designed, manufactured and field-tested to produce the highest...

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Optimum spray gun performance is largely the result of all the related spray finishing components that enhance the guns overall operation. To provide professionals like you with the best possible equipment outfits, ITW Industrial Finishing engineers and technicians have tirelessly designed and field-tested thousands of equipment combinations to deliver the best possible combinations. Why settle for less than the best? Insist on Binks and DeVilbiss products. Conventional Siphon-Feed or Pressure-Feed Outfits^ *AII Cup Outfits include 6 ft. Hoses. All Tank and Pump Outfits include 25 ft....

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B Total Top Coat Tactics Quite simply, top coats provide build and protection. It's at this final stage of the spray finishing process that each finished piece is either beautifully and professionally finished, or set aside for a re-work (because the top-coat quality The Binks and DeVilbiss spray guns on this page are proven performers in woodworking industries requiring high quality top-coats. There is a top performing spray gun for every type of operation - regardless of your productivity or volume needs. Conventional / Siphon-Feed Guns HVLP / Pressure-Feed Guns Conventional /...

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Top-Coat Outfits Because top-coats are typically the last step in most wood shop finishing processes, they are also typically the most visible aspect of finished products. The equipment packages below have been carefully field-tested and selected for their ability to consistently deliver top-coats you'll be proud of. There is a top-coat spray finishing package below to meet your every production requirement and volume Conventional Siphon-Feed or Pressure-Feed Outfits^ *AII Cup Outfits include 6 ft. Hoses. All Tank and Pump Outfits include 25 ft. hoses. additional hose & Required Accessories...

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Wood Finishing Accessories The world's best spray finishing professionals can't perform at their maximum potential without properly using the best auxiliary equipment That's why we offer a full complement of accessories you can count on every day. Cups for lower volume tasks. Tanks for larger volume projects. All he right capacities. All the right technologies. All We also offer classes, workshops, and seminars to help you hit your quality and productivity targets. We offer everything you need to maximize your spray finishing performance. Gravity-Feed and Siphon-Feed Cups Remote...

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Spray Booth Performance Products Hand Cleaner Towels Hand Cleaner Towels Scrubs are pre-moistened with a patented, citrus based formula to remove paints, adhesives, inks, oil, soil, etc. Part No. 29-3100-K6 Case of (6) Buckets, (72) towels per bucket. See flyer 77-5239. Valve for accurate air pressure adjustment HAV-500 (same valve without gauge) Tank Liners & Strainers Quick Disconnects Tank Liners PT-78-K10 2.8 Gallon Tank Liners (10 Pk) PT-78-K60 2.8 Gallon Tank Liners (60 Pk) Binks Prospector™ Material Strainers PTS-2 Gal-K20-200 200 micron (approx. 65 wire mesh) 20 per case PTS-2...

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