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SV100 Siphon Feed

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SERVICE MANUAL BINKS SV100™ HVLP PRESSURE FEED SPRAY GUN 7041-6931-1 The following instructions provide the necessary information for the proper maintenance of the Binks SV100 pressure feed spray gun. Please read and understand all the information in this document in order to get the maximum performance from your new SV100 pressure spray gun. The SV100 spray gun is the result of quality engineering and development activity. The result is an ergonomic product with reduced triggering effort and fine atomization. The HVLP air cap has been specifically designed to comply with local regulatory air quality restrictions. The specification table details the operating parameters of the gun to achieve those compliant conditions. In addition, the relatively low air flow rate of the SV100 spray gun will help in containing overspray. SPECIFICATIONS Max. Air Pressure: 175psi/12bar For HVLP Compliance: 26 psi inlet pressure delivers (with SV100-693K cap) 10 psi air cap pressures at 12 cfm air volume For HVLP Compliance: 20 psi inlet pressure delivers (with SV100-690K cap) 10 psi air cap pressures at 6.5 cfm air volume Gun Body: Cast Aluminum Fluid Path: Stainless Steel The SV100 spray gun should be operated under the safety directions outlined in this literature. Your safety and the safety of others depend on your thorough understanding of the material contained on the Part Sheet. Fluid Nozzle: Stainless Steel Fluid Needle: Stainless Steel Fluid Inlet Size: 3/8" NPS(M) Air Inlet Size; 1/4" NPS(M) If you have any questions or do not understand the content in this literature, call your nearest service representative.

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EN In this part sheet, the words WARNING, CAUTION and NOTE are used to emphasize important safety information as follows: Hazards or unsafe practices which could result in severe personal injury, death or substantial property damage. ! CAUTION Hazards or unsafe practices which could result in minor personal injury, product or property damage. Important installation, operation or maintenance information. Read the following warnings before using this equipment. READ THE MANUAL Before operating finishing equipment, read and understand all safety, operation and maintenance information provided...

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EN TYPES OF INSTALLATION PRESSURE CUP HOOKUP (Figure 1) Separator Filter For fine finishing with limited spraying. Air pressure for atomization is regulated at extractor; fluid pressure at cup regulator. Pressure cup is also available less regulator. Separator Filter Air Inlet PRESSURE TANK HOOKUP (Figure 2) For medium production spraying (single regulator). Air pressure for atomization is regulated at extractor, fluid pressure at tank regulator. Fluid Outlet Pressure Tank PRESSURE TANK WITH  2 REGULATORS (Figure 3) The pressure to the tank is regulated by the first regulator. The pressure...

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EN OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE FOR BINKS SV100™ HVLP SPRAY GUN Your new SV100 HVLP spray gun is exceptionally rugged in construction and is built to stand up under hard, continuous use. However, like any other fine precision instrument, its most efficient operation depends on a knowledge of its construction, operation and maintenance. Properly handled and cared for, it will produce beautiful, uniform finishing results long after other spray guns have worn out. SET-UP FOR SPRAYING Connecting Gun To Air Hose Air should be supplied by a suitable length of 5/16" diameter air hose fitted with a...

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EN BINKS SV100™ HVLP PRESSURE FEED SPRAY GUN TEST AIR CAP KITS (sold separately) PARTS LIST (When ordering, please specify Part No.) ITEM NO. ★ -5052 Pressure Gun Fluid Tip and Needle Replacement Kit K (includes 1.1 and 1.4 mm tips & needles) • K-5052-18 Pressure Gun Fluid Tip and Needle Replacement Kit (1.8 mm) k SGK-454-K Spray Pattern Valve and Baffle ■ K-5057 Soft Parts Kit t SGK-537-K 5 ea. Packings and Baffle Gasket NOTE: se 1.1 mm fluid tip/needle with low viscosity materials. U Use 1.4 mm fluid tip/needle with high viscosity materials.

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EN BINKS SV100™ HVLP PRESSURE FEED SPRAY GUN SPRAY TECHNIQUE The first requirement for a good resultant finish is the proper handling of the gun. The gun should be held perpendicular to the surface being covered and moved parallel with it. The stroke should be started before the trigger is pulled and the trigger should be released before the stroke is ended. This gives accurate control of the gun and fluid. OPERATING THE SV100 HVLP SPRAY GUN 1. nozzles and needles are precision All made. They should be handled with care. 2. not make any alterations in the gun. Do To do so could cause...

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EN WARRANTY POLICY Binks products are covered by Finishing Brands one year materials and workmanship limited warranty. The use of any parts or accessories, from a source other than Finishing Brands, will void all warranties. For specific warranty information please contact the closest Finishing Brands location listed below. Finishing Brands reserves the right to modify equipment specifications without prior notice. DeVilbiss®, Ransburg®, BGK®, and Binks® are registered trademarks of Carlisle Fluid Technologies, Inc., dba Finishing Brands. ©2015 Carlisle Fluid Technologies, Inc., dba...

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