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Spray Equipment

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BiriKS • BúHUtiSS Spray Finishing Equipment Selection Guide Spray Equipment for Every Purpose Industrial Selection Guide BinKS • DEVILBISS

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Choosing a Spray Outfit is as easy as 1 2 3! Getting Paint to the Spray Gun - Cup, Tank or Pump? What size jobs are you doing, and how much paint will you be using in one day? Refer to catalogs A54-19 (CUPS) A83-11 (TANKS) and INFG-1 (GEMINI PUMPS) for more information Choose Your Spray Gun Determine what type of material you will be spraying. Do you want to spray with conventional spray equipment, HVLP (High Volume, Low Pressure) spray equipment or air assisted airless spray equipment. Note, some areas of the country require the use of HVLP spray guns in finishing operations. Use the color...

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Spray Guns For Every Need Stains, sealers, lacquers urethanes, varnishes, shellacs, enamels (Medium Viscosity) Primers, enamels, latex (Heavy Viscosity) Primers, enamels, fillers, sealers (Medium Viscosity) Primers, enamels, latex, epoxies, acrylics (Heavy Viscosity) Primers, enamels, latex, epoxies, acrylics Siphon Feed Pressure Feed (Light to Medium Viscosity) «.imunri Spray Tip Selection Charts Based on 1500 PSI with water. Actual results may vary, depending on material viscosity. Note: When spraying waterborne or corrosive materials with a "Conventional" spray gun for siphon or pressure...

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Pressure Tank Outfits (Waterborne Materials) For heavy bodied materials such as latex, vinyls, epoxies, etc. Outfit includes: 83Z-220 Pressure tank, 25 feet air and fluid hose assemblies, 15 feet of air compressor hose. (Solvent Based Materials) For light to medium viscosity materials such as lacquers, Outfit includes: 83C-220 Pressure tank, up), 25 feet air and fluid hose assem- blies, 15 feet of air compressor hose. Multi-Color Outfit includes: 83C-220 Pressure tank, 2001 spray gun fluid hose assemblies. Binks Model 98C-359 Tank Outfit PT ASME Code Tanks Zinc Plated Lid and Shell for use...

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Raptor™ Spray Finishing Systems Raptor Wall Mounted These wall-mount outfits are a complete finishing system for stationary installations. The small profile fits easily in tight spaces. Wall Mounted Unit (No gun or hoses) Raptor Cart Mounted Cart-mount outfit is a complete finishing system for mobile flexi- bility. This outfit includes pump, air controls, cart, gun filter, standard hoses. Cart Mounted Unit (No gun or hoses) Raptor Pump Only Pump System offers outstanding finish Gemini® Diaphragm Pump Packages—1/2", Low Pulse, 100 PSI 818210 Wall Mount 818160 Pail Mount 818220 Drum Mount...

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Siphon Feed Cups Teflon Coated Quick Disconnects Quick Disconnect Body & Stem Low Pressure Fluid Quick Disconnects* PART NO._DESCRIPTION_THREAD 72-887 Stem Assembly Only 3/8" IMPS (f) Body & Stem Assembly (Stem Only) (Body Only) Low Pressure Air Quick Disconnects* PART NO. DESCRIPTION THREAD Stem Assembly Only Stem Assembly Only Body Assembly Only Body Assembly Only High Flow Air Quick Disconnects* PART NO._DESCRIPTION_THREAD * Ideal for HVLP applications. For other models, consult Tech Support. Spray Booth Filters lower operating costs. Booth Accessories Other booth filters and accessories...

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Spray Respirators and Filters Premium Paint Spray A premium charcoal respirator that combines superior comfort half-mask respirator. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION (Includes Cradle Headband, Valves, 2 Cartridge Gaskets, Exhalation Valve & Cover) Classic Paint Spray For economical protection, try this value-priced charcoal respirator. traditional respirator and protection from paints and solvents. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION (Includes Cradle Headband, Valves, Exhalation Valve) PART NO. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION_ (10 blister packs of 2 cartridges) 40-1924-10 Replacement Fiber Pre-Filters (10 blister packs of 10...

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