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Ransburg Aerobell 268 Rotary Atomizer

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AEROBELL 268 FLEXIBLE, ROBUST ROTARY ATOMIZER The Ransburg Aerobell 268 is a high speed bell rotary atomizer for electrostatically applying conventional and high solid coating materials. The Aerobell 268 is built on the performance and reliability of the Aerobell family of products, which offers a robust, proven air-bearing turbine design to keep systems running at peak performance. It's sleek, compact design, and variety of bell cup and shape air rings provide flexible finishing. The applicator is designed with fewer parts which decreases maintenance and provides increased uptime. Configurable manifold for up to three individual colors and mounting for machine or non-hollow wrist robots make the Aerobell 268 a must-have in automated finishing systems. The Aerobell 268, designed with 30 mm dual shape air, 65 mm MonoFlex or DualFlex configuration, provides optimal pattern control. The bell cups are constructed of electroless nickel coated Aluminum and Titanium construction for long life and durability. The applicator offers flexible speed sensing capability and magnetic and light sensing for speed reading and control. The applicators power supply can be controlled either locally or remotely by PLC or other control feature. Regardless of the coating material, Ransburg bell cup technology provides superior material atomization to maximize appearance on substrate. The Aerobell 268 has a variety of bell cups and shape air configurations to provide small to large size spray patterns. The applicators bell cup technology maximizes coating performance and penetration providing superior material atomization. Ransburg has the experience and technology to fit most any application from small complex geometries and deep recesses to large panels. ■ Field repairable turbine • High performance bell cup and shape air configurations • Proven long life air bearing spindle • External/Internal Bell Cup wash • Atex tested and approved for safe sparking distance and EN 50 176 compliance.

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AEROBELL 268 FLEXIBLE, ROBUST ROTARY ATOMIZER Whether mounting your applicator on a moving robot arm, reciprocating machine or stationary mount, the Aerobell 268 is designed for various mounting applications providing versatility and efficiency. Multiple shape air configuratons; DualFlex 65mm technology offers patterns from 3-11" (77-280mm), MonoFlex 65mm technology offers 8-24" (204-609mm) patterns and 30mm Dual Shape air offers patterns from 8-15" (204-381mm). • Integrated solvent/air valves for fluid passage cleaning. • Reliable Fiber optic transmission of rotation speed provides...

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