Model 7 Spray Gun - 12 Pages

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Model 7 Spray Gun

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SERVICE MANUAL BINKS MODEL 7™ SPRAY GUN (6100-XXXX-X) Your new Binks spray gun is exceptionally rugged in construction, and is built to stand up under hard, continuous use. However, like any other fine precision instrument, its most efficient operation depends on a knowl­ dge of its construction, operation, e and maintenance. Properly handled and cared for, it will produce beautiful, uniform finishing results long after other spray guns have worn out. TYPES OF INSTALLATION SIPHON FEED CUP HOOKUP Air pressure for atomization is regulated at extractor. The amount of fluid is adjusted by fluid control screw on gun, viscosity of paint, and air pressure (see figure 1). Clean Air™ filter PRESSURE FEED TANK HOOKUP Air Siphon Cup PRESSURE FEED CUP HOOKUP For medium production spraying ­ (sin­gle  regulator). Pressure cup also available less regulator (see figure 2). Clean Air™ filter Air pressure for atomi­ ation is regulated at z extractor, fluid pressure at tank regulator (see figure 3). For fine finishing with limited spraying. Air pressure for atomization is regulated at extractor; fluid pressure at cup regulator. For heavy fluids and internal mix nozzle spraying, fluid adjusted by control screw on gun. Clean Air™ filter Fluid Pressure Tank PRESSURE FEED TANK HOOKUP For portable painting operations (double regulator). Air pressure for atomization and fluid supply is regulated by two individual air regulators on tank (see figure 4). Air Supply Air Supply Pressure Tank PRESSURE FEED CIRCULATING HOOKUP For heavy production spraying. Air pressure atomization regulated at extractor. Fluid pressure regulated at fluid regulator (see figure 5). Clean Air™ filter Fluid Regulator Air Fluid Figure 5

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In this part sheet, the words WARNING, CAUTION and NOTE are used to emphasize important safety information as follows: ilWARNING Hazards or unsafe practices which could result in severe personal injury, death or substantial property damage. A WARNING Read the following warnings before using this equipment. READ THE MANUAL Before operating finishing equipment, read and understand all safety, operation and maintenance information provided in the operation manual. OPERATOR TRAINING All personnel must be trained before operating finishing equipment. EQUIPMENT MISUSE HAZARD Equipment misuse can...

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EN Binks MODEL 7™ SPRAY GUN GUN HANDLING The first requirement for a good resultant finish is the proper handling of the gun. The gun should be held perpendicular to the surface being covered and moved parallel with it. The stroke should be started before the trigger is pulled and the trigger should be released before the stroke is ended. This gives accurate control of the gun and material. Coating will be heavy at this point Coating will be light at this point The distance between gun and surface should be 6 to 12 inches depending on material and atomizing pressure. The material deposited...

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FAULTY PATTERNS AND HOW TO CORRECT THEM PATTERN Dried material in side-port "A" restricts passage of air. Greater flow of air from cleaner side-port "B" forces fan pattern in direction of clogged side. Dissolve material in side-ports with thinner, then blow gun clean. Do not poke into openings with metal instruments. Dried material around the outside of the fluid nozzle tip at position "C restricts the passage of atomizing air at one point through the center opening of air nozzle and results in pattern shown. This pattern can also be caused by a loose air nozzle. Remove air nozzle and wipe...

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EN Binks MODEL 7™ SPRAY GUN GENERAL MAINTENANCE SPRAY GUN Keep thinner 1. Immerse only the level below front end of the gun packing until solvent just covers the fluid connection. 2. Use a bristle brush and solvent to wash off accumulated paint. 3. Do not submerge the entire spray gun in solvent because: a. lubricant in the leather packings will dissolve and the the packings will dry out. b. lubricant at wear surfaces will dissolve causing harder the operation and faster wear. c. residue from dirty solvent may clog the narrow air passages in the gun. 4. Wipe down the outside of the gun with...

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When ordering, please specify Part No. ITEM PART NO. NO.    DESCRIPTION    QTY. 20    54-729*    SIDE PORT CONTROL ASSEMBLY . 1 ITEM    PART * When ordering, please specify number stamped on nozzle. ** When ordering, please specify number stamped on needle stem. t Furnished with nozzle. See Nozzle Chart. ■ Available in Repair Kit 6-188. Please order separately. • Items NOT available separately. ♦ 0 ptional. Please order separately. □ Available only as a quantity pack. * Available from Binks distributors only. 54-839 Heavy Duty Spring (Optional).

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Oil and Water Extractor should be at least 25 ft. from the compressor. Further if possible. The Clean Air™ filter should not be mounted on or near the air compressor. The temperature of air is greatly increased during compression. As the air cools down to room temperature, in the air line, on its way to the spray gun, the moisture contained in it condenses. Thus, for maximum effectiveness, the oil and water extractor should be mounted at some point in the air supply system where the temperature of the compressed air in the line is likely to be lowest. Air lines must be properly drained....

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WARRANTY POLICY Binks products are covered by Carlisle Fluid Technologies one year materials and workmanship limited warranty. The use of any parts or accessories, from a source other than Carlisle Fluid Technologies, will void all warranties. For specific warranty information please contact the closest Carlisle Fluid Technologies location listed below. Carlisle Fluid Technologies reserves the right to modify equipment specifications without prior notice. DeVilbiss®, Ransburg®, MS®, BGK®, and Binks® are registered trademarks of Carlisle Fluid Technologies, Inc. ©2017 Carlisle Fluid...

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