MAG UV Automatic Air Assisted Airless Spray Gun - 2 Pages

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MAG UV Automatic Air Assisted Airless Spray Gun

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Air Assisted Airless Spray Gun High transfer manifold mounted HVLP compliant Savings Benefits The unique Binks air assisted two-piece design is ideally suited for multi-gun finishing equipment such as rotary machines, reciprocators, or fixed chain-on- edge systems located in high production environments. Fluid an in-line filter are located in the manifold, providing quick and periodic maintenance. In addition to the highly transfer efficient Binks UV spray technology, features time and material saving advantages including: ■ Integrated in-line fluid filter — body when changing filters ■ Reduced chance of color ■ Solvent resistant high grade piston o-rings for longer life. One-piece carbide needle. Modular design for quick Cross platform design pressure HVLP model ■ Component cartridge design for quick and easy repairs Superior transfer efficiency Reduced overspray ■ Lower booth maintenance costs Reduced bounceback ■ Longer wear part service life Typical applications include wood product finishing such as cabinets, Triggering Speed MSEC MSEC FULLY FULLY OPEN CLOSED For HVLP compliance: 20 psi inlet Maximum Fluid Pressure: Cylinder Actuating Pressure: Gun Body: Stainless Steel, Aluminum Fluid Path: Stainless Steel Fluid Shut Off Type: UHMW Seat (std.). Tungsten Carbide Seat (opt.) Fluid Inlet and Outlet Size: Atomizing Air: 1/4" NPT(F) manifold body, 1/4" NPTx 1/4" NPS(M) fitting Fan Air: 1/4" NPT{F) manifold body, 1/4" soc head plus (M) fitting Cylinder Air: 1/8" NPT(F) manifold body, 1/8" NPT x 1/4' O.P. tube fitting

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Refer to Service Bulletin: MAG UV Automatic Air Assisted Airless Spray Gun ■ Repair, Cleaning & Mounting Kits PART # DESCRIPTION_ Cleaning Kit (provided with gun): includes one standard stiff nylon pipe cleaning brush, full-size nylon brush, tip cleaner, and Binks Gunners Mate Lubricant Standard Performance Seal Kit High Performance Seal Kit PART # DESCRIPTION 54-4960 Standard Tungsten Carbide Fluid Seat 54-4926 Optional UHMW Fluid Seat PART # DESCRIPTION PART # DESCRIPTION AA-2 - 54-4980 Thin to Medium Materials AA-4 - 54-4978 Medium to Heavy Materials AA-10 - 54-5346 Medium to High Solids...

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