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High Volume Resin Pump 101-9200

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HIGH VOLUME RESIN PUMP MAINTENANCE NOTES: It is the users' responsibility to maintain the pump on a preventive maintenance schedule and prevent failure of The pump is designed to use Binks replacement parts only. Use genuine Binks parts to ensure compatible pressure rating and longest service life. Keep the solvent cup filled with a compatible solvent or Binks Pump Packing Lubricant, part number 42-175 (1 quart), to keep material from drying on the piston rod. Provide a clean work surface to protect sensitive internal moving parts from contamination from dirt and foreign matter during reassembly. During reassembly, lubricate parts as required. When assembling o-rings or parts adja- cent to o-rings exercise care to prevent damage to o-rings and o-ring groove surfaces. TOOL LIST: • Bench vise • 149-2300 piston retaining ring tool • 1/2" drive torque wrench and sockets • 2" crowfoot wrench for 1/2" drive • Awl or other pointed tool • Arbor press or drill press is recommended 101-9200 RESIN PUMP SPECIFICATIONS: Materials of Construction:... Stainless steel, plated steel, UHMWPE, filled PTFE, anodized aluminum, tungsten carbide Do not exceed the maximum operating pressure of Refer to the operating instructions for the BOSS pump (Binks part sheet number 77-2827) for additional safety pre- cautions and additional information. This part sheet only covers the lower fluid section. For general safety information on spray equipment, see safety booklet 77-5300. WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Part Sheet

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Binks MODEL 101-9200 HIGH VOLUME RESIN PUMP ITEM PART PARTS LIST When ordering, please specify Part No. ITEM PART • Parts are included in 106-1262 Soft Seal Kit and 106-1263 Repair Kit. Please order separately. A Parts are included in 106-1263 Repair Kit. Please order separately. MODEL 106-1262 SOFT SEAL KIT DISASSEMBLY OF UPPER END OF PUMP: 1. Place fluid section in a large bench vise and clamp the bottom of the foot valve (27) on the hex flats. 2. Use a pin-type spanner to unscrew the solvent cup (1) from the upper u-cup housing (7). 3. Unscrew the four bolts (2) and set aside. Remove the...

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Binks MODEL 101-9200 HIGH VOLUME RESIN PUMP TO REPLACE THE UPPER SEAT AND BALL: 1. Unscrew the piston (12) from the rod (11). Place the rod aside, being careful not to damage it. Turn the piston upside down and the ball (14) will fall out. 2. Use a small screwdriver or other instrument to pry the internal retaining ring (20) from its groove. Turn the piston upright then clamp it by its flats in a bench vise. 3. Place the ball back into the piston, then use a wooden or plastic drift or dowel to press the ball, seat (16), and the piston. Be sure to not let the seat and related com- ponents...

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REASSEMBLY OF UPPER END OF PUMP: 1. Thoroughly clean all parts prior to reassembly. 2. Begin by bending a new upper guide (6) into an "M" shape as shown in figure 1. Place the ends of the guide in the groove in the upper u-cup housing (7) as shown in figure 2. Gradually push the middle of the guide into the groove, collapsing the "M" shape. The ends of the guide will slide towards each other and the guide will snap into place. 3. Place a new upper u-cup seal (5) into the holder (7) with the u-cup lips facing down as shown in figure 3. Place the upper u-cup spacer (4) with the smaller face...

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Binks MODEL 101-9200 HIGH VOLUME RESIN PUMP PUMP TROUBLE SHOOTING: • No material at outlet (pump continually cycles): Check material supply, disconnect or shut off the air supply and replenish the material, reconnect. • Material on one stroke only (fast down stroke): The lower ball may not be seating in the lower seat. Remove the ball from the seat, clean and inspect the ball and seat area. If the ball or seat is damaged, replace. • Material on one stroke only (fast up stroke): Check for worn or damaged piston seal (21). Replace seals and guides as necessary. Also check for upper ball not...

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constructed with components of aluminum alloy and SHOULD NOT be used with any Halogenated Hydrocarbon solvents. VENTS CAN CAUSE AN EXPLOSION WHEN IN CONTACT WITH ALUMINUM CLOSED FLUID SYSTEM (PUMPS, HEAT- The same possibility of an explosion is possible with the galvanized coatings in pressure tanks. The possibility of a non-flammable explosion increases greatly at high operating temperatures. The explosion could be of sufficient strength to cause bodily injury, death, and substantial property damage. Cleaning agents, coatings, or adhesives may contain HALOGENATED HYDROCARBON SOLVENTS....

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