Gel Coat and Resin Laminating Equipment - 16 Pages

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Gel Coat and Resin Laminating Equipment
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Catalog excerpts

Gel Coat and Resin Laminating Equipment All the advanced technologies and equipment you need for today's MACT-compliant composites applications.

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I Complete Line of Gel-Coat, Resin, Wet-Out, Chopper and Lamination Systems for All Your Composite Manufacturing Needs... Binks Offers You the Very Best Production Systems... Our total commitment to the FRP, composites, and polyester dispensing industries provides our customers with many production and environmental advantages. Our full line of MACT-compliant LEL systems, spray guns and components consistently delivers the kind of high quality, bottom-line results today's manufacturers need. Gel Coat Systems Better Control ■ Positive volumetric control ■ Lower velocity spray ■ Extremely rugged...

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Non-Atomized, MACT Compliant Gel Coat Application Systems Binks Unison 12:1 - External Mix Century LEL Gel-Coat Systems -1 color = With Flow Meter This practical Binks Unison gel coat system features the Binks Century LEL gel coat gun which can be used to apply gel coat in a highly efficient "soft spray". production system material delivery Unison precision proportioning system wall mounted Wall Mounted Mast : Small Cart : Cart, Mast, & Boom 6 = 102-3610 Binks Century LEL Gel Coat Gun Note: not all of the 21 5 combinations indicated above are available. The Systems that are available for 5 day...

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I Binks HVLP Air-Assist Airless Gel Coat Systems- External Mix Binks Unison 12:1 Gel Coat Cart and Wall Mount Systems These practical cart & wall mounted gel coat 12:1 ratio systems features the Binks 202-755 HVLP air-assisted airless gun which can be used to apply gel coat in a highly efficient "soft spray". ■ Extremely rugged production system ■ Reliable, trouble-free material delivery ■ Incorporates the Binks Unison precision proportioning system ■ Fully and easily portable PART NUMBER DESCRIPTION Cart Mount Cart Mount *Binks 202-755 HVLP air-assisted airless gun system shown with Binks HVLP...

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I Resin Application Systems - internal Mix Binks Unison 8:1 - Internal Mix LEL Wet-Out Systems MACT-compliant Low Emission Laminators Binks Unison LEL™ Internal Mix Systems Complete MACT-compliant systems featuring the Internal Mix LEL gun and Binks Unison precision cata- lyst metering pump. Internal Mix LEL systems are easy to use and offer repeatability you can count on. Resin cartridge needle assembly can be changed in less than five minutes. Varied pumps and mounting styles are available for maximum versatility. ■ Easy maintenance - onetouch easy flush ■ Infinitely variable catalyst delivery...

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Non-Atomized, Resin LEL Chopper Systems - External mix Binks Unison 8:1 - External Mix Binks Century LEL Chopper Systems The Binks chopper outfits feature the Super Slave pump systems and Binks Century HVLP external mix guns which are made from the highest quality industrial strength compo- nents. The Super Slave system provides users with excellent HVLP atomization, straight catalyst injection and superior catalyst mix. The ratio, once set, is unaffected by either noz- zle wear or orifice size, meaning that no sampling is required when the Binks Century HVLP gun is in operation. Features & Benefits: ■...

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Non-Atomized, Resin LEL Chopper Systems- Internal mix Binks Unison 8:1 - Internal Mix LEL Chopper Systems Binks Unison LEL™ Systems Complete MACT-compliant systems featuring the Binks internal mix LEL gun and Binks Unison precision catalyst metering pump. All Binks internal mix LEL systems are easy to use and offer repeatability you can count on. Resin cartridge needle assembly can be changed in less than five minutes. Varied pumps and mounting styles are available for maximum versatility. ■ MACT-compliant internal mix LEL (internal mix) ■ Easy maintenance - one touch easy flush ■ Infinitely variable...

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Air Atomized Granite Spray Systems Top Quality "Grani-Tee" Quickly, Easily Binks Grani-Tee Spray Systems enable you to produce granite-effect gel coat finishes directly from the shipping container. Unlike other systems that continually clog and deliver uneven spray patterns, the Binks system... ■ Has an automatic recirculation mode to ensure consistently high quality production ■ Delivers fast, predictable spray patterns ■ Allows rapid triggering ■ Works right out of the box - no set-up, (205-1000 Grani-Tec Outfit only) system shown PART NUMBER 205-1000 Binks Grani-Tec 4.5:1 Exel Pump • 18' PART...

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I High Volume Resin Pump The BOSS™ pump is designed for the high-volume supply of polyester or vinyl ester resins and organic peroxide catalyst used in the manufacture of fiberglass products. BOSS™ supplies the resin via a 2-ball fluid section connected to a reciprocating air motor. The catalyst is supplied by a stainless steel adjustable ratio catalyst pump. Catalyst Ratio, Adjustable - 0.5-3.5%, Catalyst Connection 1/4"NPT(f) Inlet & Outlet Resin Flow® Max. Continuous. - 5 GPM@20 Cycles per minute. Resin Connection - Inlet 1-1/2" NPT(f) or 2" NPT(m), Outlet 1" NPT(f) Air Inlet Pressure - 25-90...

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FRP Spray Gun Selection Guide MACT-compliant low emission laminators ■ Uniform, consistent, reliable mix ■ Internal or External mix of catalyst ■ One-touch flush for easy cleaning ■ Cartridge resin needle and seat assembly ■ Resin cartridge needle assembly changes out in less than five minutes All spray guns utilize similar parts and compo- nents to deliver the finish materials. When the trigger is engaged, it makes contact with the air valve stem which releases the air. Then the trigger pulls the needle out of the fluid tip, allowing the material to flow through the ori- fice of the fluid tip...

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FRP Spray Guns for Gel Coat and Resin Systems Binks HVLP - (Air Assisted-Airless) ■ Fully complies with all HVLP requirements ■ Works with heavy materials Binks HVLP - (Air Assisted-Airless) ■ Hydraulically assisted air atomization ■ Field tested reliability 102-2400 * Binks Century HVLP Wet Out 102-2455 Binks Century HVLP Chop 102-2500 * Binks Century HVLP Gel Coat 102-2545 A Binks Century Vinyl Ester Gel Coat 202-755 # Binks A-AA HVLP Gel Coat ( Part Sheet 77-2520 A Part Sheet 77-2520 ' Part Sheet 77-2473 + Part Sheet 77-2809 ■ MACT-compliant - non atomizing technology ■ MACT-compliant - non...

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