Gear Driven Air Motor Drives And Agitators - 24 Pages

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Gear Driven Air Motor Drives And Agitators

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In this part sheet, the words WARNING, CAUTION and NOTE are used to emphasize important safety information as follows: ilWARNING Hazards or unsafe practices which could result in severe personal injury, death or substantial property damage. A WARNING Read the following warnings before using this equipment. READ THE MANUAL Before operating finishing equipment, read and understand all safety, operation and maintenance information provided in the operation manual. OPERATOR TRAINING All personnel must be trained before operating finishing equipment. EQUIPMENT MISUSE HAZARD Equipment misuse can...

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EN DESCRIPTIONS 20:1 GEAR DRIVEN AGITATORS FOR 55 GALLON OPEN TOP DRUMS: 31-424 55 Gallon Agitator with Stainless Steel Drum Cover 31-397 55 Gallon Agitator with Plated Steel Drum Cover 31-400 Gear Driven Agitator Assembly (less cover) 31-401-1 Agitator Drive for 31-423, 31-397, and 31-400 41-3305 Agitator only (less drive and less cover) 31-396-1 Agitator Drive for 30 and 60 Gallon Tanks (Includes 13” air hose and fittings) 20:1 GEAR DRIVEN AGITATORS FOR 55 GALLON DRUMS WITH EXISTING AGITATOR: 31-394 Gallon Agitator Drive with bracket hardware for drums with existing agitator 55 31-393-1...

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EN 55 GALLON AGITATORS WITH 20:1 GEAR REDUCTION FOR OPEN TOP DRUMS 55 GALLON AGITATOR 31-397 with Plated Steel Cover (Shown) 31-424 with Stainless Steel Cover 41-3305 Agitator Less Cover Includes Items 7 thru 11 Includes Items 4 thru 11 31-396-1 (Includes 13” Air Hose and Fittings) 31-401-1 (Less 13” Air Hose and Fittings) 31-426 STAINLESS STEEL COVER ASSEMBLY (USED ON 31-424)

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55 GALLON AGITATOR AND 20:1 AGITATOR DRIVE PARTS LIST 55 GALLON AGITATOR AND 20:1 AGITATOR DRIVE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ▲ Order KK-5006 Strainer Screen and Felt Kit rnWARNING Before attempting any installation of agitators onto pressurized tanks, the tanks must be relieved of pressure as high pressure can cause a serious injury. Pressure is maintained in a pressure tank after the system has been shut down. Before attempting removal of cover, fill cap, or center plug, pressure must be relieved using the pressure relief procedure on page 3. 1. Insert the 83-2114 Stuffing Box Assembly (4)...

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▲ Order KK-5006 Strainer Screen and Felt Kit.

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1. oosen cap screw (52) and separate the gear-motor (40) L from the coupling adapter (49). 2. lign the set screw detent on the drive shaft assembly (48) A with the set screw (58) in the coupling assembly (59) and tighten the set screw securely 3. e-attach the gear-motor (40) to the coupling adapter (49) R and tighten the cap screw (52). 4. lign holes on the coupling adapter (49) to the mounting A holes on the drive base (62). Secure tightly with screws (50) and lockwashers (51). 5. onnect the desired coupling (63) to the shaft (61) with set C screw (58). 6. lace entire assembly across drum...

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When assembling the air motor to the gearbox, apply grease to the O.D. of the air motor shaft and the I.D. of the gearbox shaft. Recommended grease: 41-4458-K. • Parts included in KK-5001-1A Air Motor Repair Kit.

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AIR MOTOR REBUILD (SEE EXPLODED VIEW OF 31-418-1 ON PAGE 4.) Do not pry dead end plate (95) or drive end plate (89) from air motor body (94) with a screwdriver. This will dent the surface of the body and plates and causing leaks. A puller tool should be used to remove the plate from the motor body while maintaining the positions of the shaft. Always install new gaskets (90) when re-assembling air motor. Assemble the end plates to the body using an arbor press with a pusher acting on both races of the bearing while rigidly supporting the opposite (drive) end of the shaft. GEAR-MOTOR (SEE...

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WARRANTY POLICY Binks products are covered by Carlisle Fluid Technologies one year materials and workmanship limited warranty. The use of any parts or accessories, from a source other than Carlisle Fluid Technologies, will void all warranties. For specific warranty information please contact the closest Carlisle Fluid Technologies location listed below. Carlisle Fluid Technologies reserves the right to modify equipment specifications without prior notice. DeVilbiss®, Ransburg®, MS®, BGK®, and Binks® are registered trademarks of Carlisle Fluid Technologies, Inc. ©2017 Carlisle Fluid...

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En esta Hoja de piezas, las palabras ADVERTENCIA, PRECAUCION y NOTA se emplean para enfatizar informacion de seguridad importante de la siguiente forma: Practicas peligrosas o inseguras que pueden ocasionar lesiones personales graves, la muerte o dano substancial a la propiedad. A ADVERTENCIA NOTA Informacion importante de instalacion, operacion o mantenimiento. Lea las siguientes advertencias antes de usar este equipo. LEA EL MANUAL Antes de operar los equipos de acabado, lea y comprenda toda la informacion de seguridad, operacion y mantenimiento incluida en el manual de...

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ES DESCRIPCIONES AGITADORES DE ACCIONAMIENTO POR ENGRANAJES 20:1 PARA TAMBORES SUPERIORES ABIERTOS DE 55 GALONES: 31-424 Agitador de 55 galones con cubierta de tambor de acero inoxidable 31-397 de 55 galones con cubierta de tambor de acero cromado Agitador 31-400 Conjunto del agitador de accionamiento por engranajes (sin la cubierta) 31-401-1 Accionador del agitador para 31-423, 31-397 y 31-400 41-3305 Agitador únicamente (sin el accionador y sin la cubierta) 31-396-1 Accionador del agitador para tanques de 30 y 60 galones (incluye manguera de aire de 13" y accesorios) AGITADORES DE...

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ES AGITADORES DE 55 GALONES CON REDUCCIÓN DE ENGRANAJE 20:1 PARA TAMBORES SUPERIORES ABIERTOS AGITADOR DE 55 GALONES 31-397 con cubierta de acero cromado (mostrada) 31-424 con cubierta de acero inoxidable 41-3305 Agitador sin la cubierta 31-396-1 (Incluye manguera de aire de 13" y accesorios) 31-401-1 (Menos manguera de aire de 13" y accesorios) 31-426 CONJUNTO DE LA CUBIERTA DE ACERO INOXIDABLE (USADO EN 31-424)

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