EMS Electronic Mix Solutions - 4 Pages

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EMS Electronic Mix Solutions

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INNOVATIVE PLURAL COMPONENT TECHNOLOGY ■ Wide Ratio Range —Accurate Proportioning 1:1 to 100:1 ■ Simple User Experience — Intuitive Control Pendant ■ Minimal Waste — Savings with Every Color Change

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Binks EMS System Features Ratios from 1:1 to 100:1, simple user controls, and efficient color changes in an affordable, reliable system! The Binks EMS delivers efficiency and convenience to meet real-world production schedules. Versatility, accuracy, and speed in programming specifications from task to task, make the Binks EMS the best choice for 2K operations. Sturdy construction, quality components, ergonomic design, and powerful software make this the workhorse that will keep up with demanding projects. Control Enclosure is efficient to use and easy to learn. Simply select – MIX Mode to...

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Binks EMS Control System Easy Data Entry, Clear Displays, Simple Functions The Binks EMS hand-held pendant combines an easy-to-use keypad with a large, clear interface screen. The Home Screen provides instant status checks for the monitoring of ratios, colors, alarms, and much more. Navigation and use of the control unit is easy to learn and easy to teach. New users won't require lengthy training to master the system. The pendant unit also incorporates unique troubleshooting features that contribute to accuracy and fast project turn-around. HOME SCREEN Dispense Pump Irlet Pressure = 35psl...

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Ordering Information All Binks EMS systems will be customized to your specifications. Select the desired attributes from the chart below (“A” through “F” options) and build the Binks EMS system number that matches your particular production needs. For support schedule a Finishing Tune-Up with your Binks representative to determine the needs of your finishing operation. n atios from 1:1 to 100:1 R n imple User Experience S n inimal Waste with Every Color Change M Rollover for more information n ardener or Catalyst Flow Rates as low as H 2 cc (0.07 ounces) per minute n uilt In Instructions...

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